3 Beauty Items You Should ALWAYS Carry In Your Purse

gal rocksHere are 3 beauty essentials every gal should have at her fingertip that will turn a beauty quandry into a beauty solution:

1. Oil blotting tissues: While dewy skin is in, full-on oily skin is a no-no. Blotting tissues are a must for removing excess oil, leaving you shine-free and fresh-faced!

2. Lipstick: We all have those days when we just can’t make time for makeup before leaving the house. Lipstick is a purse staple because it can serve double duty as lipstick and blush. So when you’ve spotted your ex-boyfriend, make a quick trip to the bathroom and apply lipstick to lips and cheeks for a rosy, dew-faced glow!

3. Mini hand lotion: The weather or constant hand washing can take its toll on our mitts. And nothing (repeat: nothing) is creepier than dry, cracked hands. So before you go on that interview and shake hands with your potential future boss, make sure your paws are properly moisturized. Lotion can also serve as a fast fix for frizzy hair. Rub a dot or two of lotion between palms and smooth through your mane.


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