We’ll Mobilize Nigerians To Reject Moves By Reps To Impeach Jonathan, Says Group

GEJ-House-JonathanThe threat from the House of Representatives that it might consider impeaching President Goodluck Jonathan in the wake of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, impasse has been described as misguided by the Nigeria Unity Movement (NUM) which has vowed to mobilize Nigerians to resist the move.

In a communiqué signed at the end of its meeting in Abuja, weekend, by the national coordinator and secretary of the movement, Hon Uzor George Tiga and Abiodun Abaromi, respectively, the group said if such move was being considered, it had better be dropped as it would only trigger crisis in the country and create undesired chaos in the face of relative peace.

The group described as disturbing some comments by lawmakers to this effect, saying what the nation desired at this time was commitment to national development and oversights to ensure the implementation of the budget to the benefit of Nigerians and not taking undue advantage of the political situation to overheat the polity.

“We will mobilize Nigerians to reject such a move if ever contemplated as we believe that the constitution states clearly the actions that lead to impeachments. Nigerians are aware that the crisis in the ruling party is purely a party affair for which the common man on the street is indifferent and only discusses it in passing as it does not affect his daily income or livelihood.

“The president has not committed any impeachable offence and the crisis rocking the PDP is purely an internal affair of the ruling party and has nothing to do with the affairs of the elected members of the National Assembly. It would therefore be inappropriate, obscure and misguided for some lawmakers to take advantage of the crisis and begin to plot alleged impeachment of the president,” the group said.

The statement noted that the obligations of the lawmakers was to the Nigerian people, adding that it would amount to outright abuse of privilege if they invoke such powers as what was expected from them were legislations to improve the living conditions of Nigerians and not those that would endanger their lives.


  1. What is the business of the House of Representatives with PDP internal crises? This has shown that the dissent against Jonathan’s administration isn’t about Nigeria or Nigerians, but their personal, tribal and religious agendum.

  2. It is certain, as for whether there will be war/division in NIGERIA from 2015, but woe be unto that man who a fellow man wil use to achieve his/her wicked desires. IT IS HIGH TIME THE ‘CHILDREN OF GOD’ STARTED BUCKLING UP. THE EARLIER WARNING (IN MATT 24 etc) MUST COME TO FULFILMENT AND Nigeria CAN’T BE AN EXCEPTION. stop blaming GOD.


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