Stand Out From The Crowd And Look Like A Star With These Important Fashion Tips

Being fashionable often requires confident and guts.

You cannot be stylish if you are not self-confident enough to pull it up. One of the ways you can pull off the right attitude and fashion sense is by incorporating colors into your wardrobe (in a good way) , there is only so much you can achieve if you keep sticking with dull colors.

GO GREEN: The colors above exude boldness. Wearing a bright color like green can be a bit daring, but to tone down the looks and avoid looking too tacky, the green look can be paired with neutral colored accessories like the bracelet and shoes above.



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RED HOT: Red is considered one of the most fashionable and attention-grabbing colors. You are certainly guaranteed to turn heads whether you are glammed up in a red dress or rocking the red pants like the look below. New to the trend? How about mixing up the fancy red pants with a great pair of blouse in some less flashy color.



LOOK COOL IN BLUE: A calm color, yet very stylish, blue is the fashionable way to go. Take your look that extra step further by incorporating a nice blue piece to an already colorful outfit.


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