PDP Has Left Nigerians Worse Than They Were In 1999 – Buhari •It’s A Lie, You’ve Lost Bearing, Says PDP

buhari2Former military head of state, General Muhammadu Buhari has blasted the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP for leaving Nigerians in a more parlous state than they were in 1999. Particularly, Buhari berated the PDP for failing to improve the living standard of Nigerians and providing adequate security of lives and property.

But the ruling party replied the All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain saying he had lost touch with contemporary politics. The party went ahead to ask if Buhari was still in politics.

General Buhari, a three-time presidential candidate, who spoke at his Kaduna office while receiving members of the Buhari Vanguard on a courtesy visit, said the opposition parties have to come together to rescue Nigeria from the PDP but stressed that elections must be free and fair.

He said: “Since 2005, we realized that the only way we can stabilise the system is for the opposition parties that have representation in the legislature, either at the state or federal level, to come together and face PDP, because the PDP has no intention of social justice, PDP has no intention of accountability. PDP is not interested in security.”

General Buhari, who lamented the infrastructural decay under the ruling PDP, asked Nigerians, “What was the position of Nigeria before 1999 and what is it now — when PDP assumed command in terms of security, infrastructure, other social services led by education, health care, drinking water. What it was then, what is it now and what have we earned, where is the money?”

“It is on this we realized that it is important that we come together and face the PDP. But all these efforts will be an exercise in futility if we don’t ensure that election is free and fair,” he said.

In its response, PDP berated Buhari for misinforming Nigerians in order to achieve “his decaying presidential lust”.

The national publicity secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, who reacted to Buhari’s comment said: “The first question I ask is this: is Buhari still in politics? I thought the man has retired from politics. Anyway, he is not important in the scheme of today’s politics because he has lost his bearing, maybe due to his decaying presidential lust and desire.

“We wish the former military leader desires to toe the path of honour by quietly disengaging from politics for the younger ones who have kept faith with the nation’s movement to the next level rather than still allowing himself to be used in a party that is grappling with ethnic and religious togas. Such a man who is oblivious of the performance of the present PDP-led administration in the country does not deserve a lengthy response,” Metuh said.


  1. I thought PDP will respond to the questions raised by Buhari. But instead they went on abusing him. The question is where is the money? and what was the standard of living in 1999 and what it today considering the revenues accrued to the government.


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