PDP Crisis: Jonathan’s Impeachment On The Cards – Rep. Jibrin

jonathan-portraitMembers of the House of Representatives are singing discordant tunes over the crisis plaguing the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party as Chairman of the Committee on Finance, Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin faulted the statement credited to his colleague and deputy minority leader, Hon Samaila Kawu, that members are not considering the option of impeaching President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a statement yesterday, Hon Jibrin said the decision to impeach the president or not as a result of the crisis in PDP is not within the power of Hon Kawu to decide. He noted that the deputy minority leader was not the spokesman of the House and, as such, cannot speak on its behalf.

“With due respect to him, this statement is shockingly hasty, if not altogether contaminated by downright indiscretion. Hon. Kawu is not the authorised spokesman of the House, so he is not in a position to speak on its behalf. That responsibility is reserved for somebody else, who, as far as the world knows, has up until this moment not made any public statement with regard to the intra-party feud within the PDP”, he said.

He further noted that the House had always exhibited an unprecedented team spirit and cohesion since the inception of the 7th National Assembly and that it was not about to shed “this highly treasured character at this crucial hour”.

According to him, “When a ruling party begins to toe the path of self-destruction in a manner that clearly threatens the unity of Nigeria, it is simplistic for anyone to reduce such a crisis to an internal problem that should be left for the party alone to deal with.

“A majority of us members of the PDP in the National Assembly stand solidly behind the Kawu Baraje faction of the party during this era of unbridled tyranny. This decision is founded on our belief in justice, equity, fairness and total disdain for impunity and any act that tends to relegate our great party to the fiefdom of despotic political mandarins.”

Hon Jibrin stressed that impeachment was a constitutional instrument in the furtherance of constitutional democracy and could not be decided by an individual in reference to Hon. Kawu’s stance.



  1. The Niger Delta where the president hails from has a responsibility to rise to that ocassion when members of the house of reps(thieves) will commence their impeachment proceedings. They will be reminded of fraudulent petrolluem subsity probe, the Amaechi Bombardier clearance fraud and others. The whole saga in the PDP and the impeachment plot is holistically sposored by Amechi with Rivers fund.

  2. The trouble in PDP is taken as a party problem which should be resolved amicably. The party and all trouble makers that are causing problem in the country should know that some people are watching with interest all that is happening. They should note that impeaching the President will not be taken as a party matter.

  3. Whatever these poeple are figthing for should be ultimately for the benefits of the massess or else; The massess are watching and at the appointed time they will react


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