Pastor Kumuyi Does Not Recognize ‘Prophetess’ Who Visited Heaven, Hell and Came Back

linda-ngaujah_350x336The General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi, has refused to recognise the controversial videos of a ‘prophetess’ and others who claimed to have died, gone to heaven and came back to narrate their extra-terrestrial experience.

In the controversial videos being sold all over Nigeria, two women and a boy claimed they died, went to heaven and came back to narrate what they said God showed them.

One of such CDs is that of a Sierra Leonean woman, simply called Sister Linda Ngaujah. Linda said she died and was shown happenings in heaven and hell and that many of the members of a large church on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway are on their way to hell and that the founder of a leading church in Lagos should repent as he allegedly acquired his powers from the devil, saying that a Bishop of another large congregation and his members are not even recognised in heaven.

The ‘prophetess’ added that women who used rubber and wool to plait their hair will go to hell as it is a sin and that the only way for people to be prepared for heaven is to go back to the old Deeper Life Bible Church’s method of dressing.

The video CDs released by Linda is causing serious controversy in the church of God as some women in Deeper Life, who plait rubber hair have vowed never to do so again as they want to get to heaven.

Some female worshippers have even shaved their hair in one Christian Assembly in Ikorodu, saying that they don’t want to have anything to do with attachment as they want to get to heaven.

Another person who claimed to have gone to heaven said she saw the late wife of Kumuyi, Biodun, in heaven and narrated her encounter there.

Other CDs were released by Margaret Amure from Church of God Mission, who also claimed to have gone to heaven and another 10-year old boy from Edo, named Samuel.

P.M.NEWS Nigeria reports that on Sunday during the church service, Pastor Kumuyi reacted to this development warned members of his church not to have anything to do with such CDs as these are the last days where many people would come up with different things to deceive the church of God.

Pastor Kumuyi urged members of the church not to waste their money on such CDs, saying that the church should not rely on purported CDs of people who claimed to have gone to heaven to come back to produce CDs to sell to people narrating their encounter.

He referred to Linda’s CD which said people need to dress like Deeper Life to get to heaven, saying that “if you dress like Deeper Life without salvation and sanctification, will you get to heaven? These are the last days.”

The man of God emphasized that dressing like Deeper Life would not take anybody to heaven but that righteousness and holiness of heart are the keys to getting to the kingdom of God and warned members to desist from watching such CDs.

Pastor Kumuyi further said that one of the people who claimed to have gone to heaven said they saw Mummy Kumuyi in the kingdom of God, saying that he did not need such CD to know that his wife was in heaven and that the word of God has told us the criteria for getting to His kingdom.

According to him, such people were merely deceiving the people, saying that when Apostle Paul was translated to heaven and came back, he did not produce CDs about what he saw in heaven and began to sell them.

“When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Lazarus did not go about telling people that this was what he saw in heaven. We should rest on the word of God to tell us what we need to know about heaven and how to get there. How do you know that they have actually gone to heaven? These are the last days. Don’t waste your money on buying these CDs,” he stated.




  1. I agree with the Pastor intoto. this is truly the last time where people can say or do anything. if I must ask what is the previous Spiritual life of those people that said they went to heaven. I know we should be prepared for heaven but it should not be because of that, people will now form purported messages all in the Name of Jesus. My candid advice for Christians today is for them to hold on to the truth and sinners should repent and give their lifes to Christ.

    • @Goodness, Pst Kumuyi has nothing to think about because the scripture is very clear about eternity and Christian living. A man possessed of evil spirit saw Apostle Paul and said “these are the men of God, hear them”- paraphrased. But Paul had to rebuke the spirit in the man. The story of Lazarus the poor beggar in Abraham’s bosom and the rich man in hell tells us that God did not need someone to die and ressurect before we know the right thing to do. Jesus Himself, said that during these last days, many fake prophets will come in His name but we should be careful lest we are carried away. As a matter of fact, some of these prophets are sponsored from the pit of hell. Remember the book of Revelation about the story of the beast and the desecration of the temple. The church will certainly not see a beast and allow it into the temple but it will come as a wolf in sheep clothing and eventually manifest its true nature. Lets watch and pray as the scripture has recommended.

    • He does not need to seeek the face of God on anything, the bible has been given to us for directions. Read your bible and you would not be decived by prophesy and heresies of this last days. Pastor kumuyi is correct to have warned his church members as the chief servant of the church. God will not leave the father of the house who is very close to him and start sending a total strangers to take a message to his children.

      • yes you are right, and in other way round wrong remember both paul and lazarus are human like us,your pastor Kumuyi , has his own calling by God,he is a pastor,not a prpht,he should not double the message,because propht are nearer to God,

        • yes you are right, and in other way round wrong remember both paul and lazarus are human like us,your pastor Kumuyi , has his own calling by God,he is a pastor,not a prpht,he should not dought the message,because propht are nearer to God,

  2. is only God that can help such people let them not fool us by they lies.pastor i love you i love my pastor lazarus mouka and all guine pastor and christians heaven@ last .

  3. @ goodness…we do not need any body to tell us…the undiluted word of God ‘THE BIBLE’ is the only road map for us to HEAVEN , and not any body who died and came back…….when the rich man died and went to hell begging fatherAbraham to send lazarus to earth to go and warn his relative so they won’t come to that place he is, father Abraham told him there are prophet in the world that his relative should listen to them if they don’t want to go to hell…… lazarus was not sent to come and say wat happen over there…So rad your BIBLE!

  4. in d book of mathew 5vs8,10 say dat;Blessed are the pure in heart:for they shall see God.Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake:for theirs is the kingdom of God.we didnt need anybody to give us fake doctrine,we av bible dat can lead us to heaven,God word we never change,watch ur steps.

  5. Mr sugar mummy/daddy connector, don’t u kw that what u are doing is against God’s injuction. Remember it is a fearful thing to fall into God’s hand! Repent now and desist from such actions or face God’s wrath. Be warned!!!!

  6. Pastor Kumuyi, I salute ur maturity & wisdom in handlin dis matter, such issues only show us d lack of understandin of scripture among many Christians 2day.I advice us 2 study God’s word & pray 4 understandin so as not 2 b decieved

  7. GOD is a GOD of order.He does first thing first-He doesn’t misplace priority at all.When an individual will not want the WORD of to prival over him/her and will now accept stories and fables(cuningly deviced)2pet1:16a such an one is being decieved.When JESUS went to the mount of transfiguration he discussed with Elijah and Moses-HE never told his disciples what HE discussed with them because it may not be revelent for their going to Heaven.JESUS has being in heaven for many years,and had experienced many things but said only those that will lead us(believers)into that blissful city.JESUS told us those what will enable us be where want us to be-heaven.Is heaven your goal, follow JESUS .why not look unto HIM.Heb12:2a.GOD bless you as daily look unto JESUS.


      • then if the dressing has nothing to do about holiness then i can walk naked to church and still make paradise. afterall we weerre born naked. is that?

        • The doctrine of every church is for its members to obey so as to be in-tune with Jesus’ doctrine. The doctrine of Jesus is for all to obey so as to get to heaven. That is why Christianity is a personal race and all our actions will be judged on that day. You don’t need to be a Christian to know that dressing unclad is not godly but if you think it’s right, it’s between you and God. But I’ll advice you make the bible your standard and nothing else, because you could end up causing others to sin if you do otherwise. God help and qualify us all for HEAVEN in Jesus name. Amen


  9. These people claimed that the women that used wool and rubber 2 make their hair never made heaven. What was mama Kumuyi that they claimed they saw in heaven using? Some morons have even gone 2 shave off their hair which is their glory. This is simply misplaced priorities based on hipocritical philosophies. Rubbish!

  10. Get Understanding you all and Focus on the most essential. READ the HOLY BIBLE and do exactly what you READ. Remember you need God to really do what you read. Humble Submission is Emphasis on the Scripture

  11. I love pastor kumuyi…dressing or no dressing,i think everybody knows what is good and what is’s simple n easy just read and follow your BIBLE and pray to GOD to control you.

  12. 1 corint, 10:12, my brother & sister, in the vineyard of GOD,i advice you to be vigillant, this ‘s jesus warning in matt, 24:1-end about endtime prophet, dont be ignorant of the bible truth, be warn. (may GOD bless you all )

  13. thank u sir i really agree with u let all of us called christian read our Bible very well, let do wht d bible ask us 2 do first b4 hearing stories tellers.

  14. kumuyi so not be worried abt wat she said,u can only go to heaven if u do all wat God ask us to do,if you lyk,dress lyd deeper life,if u are not doing wat God sk u to do,sorry for u

  15. In my own view, i think this Linda has brought a transformation news to the christian and the whole wide world. As a matter of fact, some churches do not really stress on holiness this days in the church, most of their preaching are been centered with prosperity.when it come to holiness or living right with God emphasise are not laid in that aspect, most christian does not really know the criterians to make heaven, so christians wear whatever they think is good on them to church and get influence in anything they inspired with and in some of these churches fornication and adultry has never been preached against as a sin. so many are just dazzling around without a distinctive preaching.
    I did not really like the way the man of God reacted to this honestly. i was expecting him to seek the face of God before rejecting this information, ok maybe he did. but, it is not a proper way to trapple on the message.If i were on his shoes, i would have ponder on all been said by the girl and findout if there could be some element that corresponded with the scriptures or if what she said are holiness materials then i will decide my state of action. that she is selling the CD is not a base for me and it has nothing to do with the message she brought from heavenly father God Almighty, and you know nigeria is place where most people are struggling to survive, maybe someone who saw it and sees it as a medium to make fast money.

  16. Dat lazarus issue in d bible,was it not an illustratio? Because jesus said dat no one has bn to heaven except the son of man{jesus} who descended from heaven?

  17. If Jesus can die for us, He can do anything that is not contradicting His word to save us. I have listened to many of those revelation from heaven and hell. I was also listening when pastor kumuyi condemned them, though I’m a member of Deeper life but never agreed with him. Our past. Kumuyi used Gideon, who knew God was sending him for a mission but needed many signs to make his illustration, yes truly God may not use any member of deeper life because we may know d bible. Yet there are many Gideons and Thomas in the world today even in deeper life who are not taught or practice the whole truth and Jesus also died for them and will use every possible means to save them. Sis Linda did not say dressing without holiness will take one to heaven but rather emphasise that dressing is part of required holiness to heaven. She didn’t say anything that was not writhen in d Scripture, though her means of message may be unusual. Although such men of God like my pastor should be very careful about what they believe, but should also know that God is God and no man on earth can understand all about Him. I’m not very sure if my pastor actully listened to that message but he should believe that God has every creature and can use who or whatever He want in anyway He want it, to save the works of His hands, who are be deceived by Satan. Linda’s message for deeper life was also very true and I pray wheather my GS believe it or not will receive grace to bring reviva in d church which I think has begun already because most members have circulated d CD before he condemn it. My fear is that one day, we may realise that, what we condemned here on earth is true at the gate of heaven. Jesus is mercifully and will do every possible things to save the world He died for, because Satan is also using every possible means to deceive even the last elect. Mathew 24:22. May God have mercy on everyone of us. Pls let everybody repent because time is at hand when all flesh shall be judged!

    • My brother you are truly a child of God you must understand that the Bible is enough guide to heaven. Check out this statement is there anything wrong with it? The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. (Acts 16:17 KJV) but what was the reaction of Paul…..And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour. (Acts 16:18 KJV). This is the last days and we need the spirit of discernment.

    • my dear friend go nd seat dwn on…. u ain’t any DCLM member ok… we know our slves ok…. read Jeremiah 23… nd wen don come comment ok…

  18. I want 2 say dt Jesus is d way d truth & lif. Any1 dt want 2 enter heaven shuld folow d ways of Jesus. Also i want 2 say dt d bible has d solution 2 al of dis issues. Christians are just tos wit al knd of doctrins. If u want 2 enter heaven, repent of ur sins, acept Jesus in2 lif, practise holines. Remb d bible says u should folow peace wit al men & holiness witout wich no man/woman/boy or girl shal c d Lord. Is holines dt cn mak u enter heaven. There4 b holy as ur God is holy.

  19. It’s Very Amazing That Many Within The Church Community, Rather Than Be Serious And Zealous About Their Spiritual Walk And Be Diligent In Searching The Holy Scriptures, Are Panting After Tales And Fables From The Netherworld. Faith Is A Product Of The Written Word Of God But Not Some Unfounded, Outlandish And Extra-scriptural Revelation And Visions. Little Wonder, Christ Jesus Asked In Luke 18:8- When The Son Of Man Shall Come, Will He Find Faith On The Earth? So Then Faith Cometh By Hearing And Hearing By The Word Of God Romans 10:17. Now The Spirit Speaketh Expressly, That In The Latter Times Some Shall Depart From The Faith, Giving Heed To Seducing Spirits, And Doctrines Of Devils; Speaking Lies In Hypocrisy; Having Their Conscience Seared With A Hot Iron (1 Timothy 4:1-2). While I Know That Christians Should Run Away From Carnality In Dressing And Adornment & Shun All Forms Of Vain Pursuit Of Artificialities-Fake Hair, Eyes, Eyelashes, Nails, Etc- The Written Word Of God Must Be Our Guide And Gauge!

  20. Now about the use of attarchments be it made of wool,rubber,cotton or fibre ,have christians ever considered the nature of the materials that their clothes,handbag,wristwatch,socks or shoes are made of.When the material is worn in form of a coperate suit it is acceptable but when it is sewn into the hair strand it becomes a sin.Lets dont fool ourselves.The bottom point is doing all things in moderation knowing that God created all things good and acceptable for proper use.For people decrying the use of jewellry,understand that the streets if heaven are paved with the finest of precious stones.if you have anything against its use here on earth,then i do not think heaven is a place for u.Please be wise.

  21. I av listened 2 some of these CDs & I read all the comments. I know that the devil cannot preach a message or give a revelation that point people 2 God or heaven. There is a lesson 2 learn from all these CDs: the coming of Jesus iminent. Let us prepare 2 meet HIM.

  22. hello the word of God is pure if u like follow it and make heaven if like abandon it and make hell. Mummy Linda ngaujah is right she was a Harlot before and God can use any body He wants to use do not be decive follow the readings of God and the testimonies

    • As for me the Bible is my standard and so what ever prophecy that men give and contradicts that of Christ, it is to be rejected. After all the Bible says we should look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. This should be the attitude of every True Christian!!!

    • As for me the Bible is my standard and so what ever prophecy that men give and contradicts that of Christ, it is to be rejected. After all the Bible says we should look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. This should be the attitude of every True Christian!!!
      Thanks and God bless you!

  23. I will not say against any pastors but all I no is that if u like shave ur hair and dress like old deeper life if u did not have manner and salvation no heaven but hell the only thing is that ur suffering for attachments will not be there any more repent and follow the way of Christ that u may not be the enemy of cross

  24. If the Bereans of old went back to search the bible when they did not understand then, go back to ur bibles nd search it is the only guide we have dnt be decieved by fables, stories that weaken christians who are caught unawares ,let us pray that God give us oil in our lamps and keep us burning pls read 2Cor11:12-15, Gal1:9,Col 2:8, Acts17:10-12. May God hlp us all so that we do not miss heaven due to carelessness

  25. all of u saying something against sis linda Ngaujah hell is behind u because there is no way sis linda will come out of pit of hell and say something that will not promot hell never, not surprise that some kick this massage because in the time of Jesus it was the same way. Soo many have been brain wash by there pastors signs and wonders devil has fill there eyes will miracles making the to be spiritually blind thinking that is from God oh dear u are making ur palace in hell, hell awaits u with passion there u will no Hw much devil hates sis linda Ngaujah did not say anything contrary to bible.if sis linda is wrong will Magreat also be wrong? And young samuel of 14yrs and soo many others remember that God create every thin and He can us anything He create to preach. If those massage if from hell people would have not fight against it remember this hell or heaven

    • You are contradicting your self. Actually, Linda and Kumuyi are saying the same thing.The only difference is that Kumuyi is saying that you cannot place the cart before the horse.We must first be born again, otherwise, dressing in whatever way would be a futile effort.The Bible says God looks into the heart and yet demand outward godliness.So, first thing first, be born again and dressing like deeper life would not be a problem.So many people dress like deeper life and yet they never knew God because they are not born again.

  26. Dady kumuyi has goofed this time around. the whole bible is based on revelation. Moses wrote about the creation story that took place almost 2000 years before he was born, how did he know the story if not by revealation? Kumuyi has forgotten the whole book of revelation was a vission of a man who saw more than Linda and he wrote it out and am sure kumuyi bought his bible which cost more than Linda’s 150 Naira CD. The testimonies of Linda and others is not asking us to go outside the bible but and enforcement of the bible standard. you know why people are complaining ? It’s because these testimonies are against their worldly satanic life styles. many church goers sympathise more with Satan than God. Some men of God get jealous when God start using stones instead of themselves. All compromising minister and church people had better wake up now before it’s too late. If you don’t believe the testimonies because they make you uncomfortable then you dont need to worry you will find out when you come face to face with the holy God the day you pass out of this transient life. When Jesus and latter his disciples started preaching were they accepted. you know why ? Because what they preach made their haters uncomfortable and some felt they had been sidelined by the new move of God towards absolute holiness . 08036357134

    • i believe papa wfk is not condemning the msg of d one named sis linda but only reminding us that we have d teachings of d bible for our christian standard, not d linda cd, d late mama biodun, d deeper life dress code or any of such things or persons in linda’s stories. linda’s story might just be true or false but d holy scripture is ever true. while we may not have a christian justification to judge anyone who refuses to believe linda’s story, we can by it judge a refusal to believe d bible

    • You don’t know what you are saying at all.Pastor Kumuyi never condemned Linda declaration but rather drew people attention to the infallible word of God.Many like Linda have come and gone end besides, Deeper life has been preaching what Linda is talking about.Kumuyi is emphasizing the fact that its the innate godliness that drives the outward appearance of christian.Dressing godly cannot take you to heaven, only being truly born again that can convince you of your dressing and hence you cannot put the cart before the horse.You one of those who listen and yet never comprehend what you read.Stop peddling and promoting misinformation.Thank you.


  28. GOD will never leave HIS Church without a true father and leader. I thank GOD for the stand of this great man of GOD,Pastor W.F.Kumuyi.Despite that he was commended in the purported CD,yet he still spoke the truth without fear or favor.ALWAYS FOCUSED!.OH LORD,never leave your Church without a true father like this pastor.No wonder his Church waxes stronger every day.Thank u beloved Pastpor

  29. Atension evrybody God ca send anybody to pas infomation,wen God send 10yearoldboy to oshofa d fonder of celecial chuch he did notbeliv him n dat is y he died prematur death, u should read genesis ch 34,35 to d end, al of us knws d trut, sav ur life

  30. Atension evrybody God ca send anybody to pas infomation,wen God send 10yearoldboy to oshofa d fonder of celecial chuch he did notbeliv him n dat is y he died prematur death,read genesis ch 34,35 to d end,al of us knws d trut, sav ur life hel is real

  31. Atension evrybody God ca send anybody to pas infomation,wen God send 10yearoldboy to oshofa d fonder of celecial chuch he did notbeliv him n dat is y he died prematur death,read genesis ch34,ch35 to d end, al of us knws d trut, sav ur lif hel is real

  32. Dere is a voice in heaven dat says if u refus to listen to linda u wil meet urself in an unwanted place cos she has says d trut stop compromisin cos God did not send d mesage trough u, did u knw he can use stone if he lik Deeper lif member be careful

    • So we should be abandon the bible to follow Linda.Yes her message may be correct but it cannot never be equated with the eternal word of God.Everything we need is in the bible yet you are contradicting what the Pastor said.Are you saying it is better to wear godly dresses than being godly.Is not the godliness in you that drives you to wear godly dresses.You just deceiving yourself.

  33. I worship with DLBC and understand her doctrines. DLBC teaches total inward & outward Holiness. I was present at the service (recorded the audio message) where the GS reacted to the NDE messages. His criticism is in 2 parts:
    1. He quoted Luke 16:19-31. He therefore asserted that ‘it is not possible’ for one to die and come back to give message of Heaven, that the Bible is all in all, enough to take one to heaven, hence wrong to examine any other revelation of Heaven & Hell, not to even mention believing it.
    2. He also said that, a lady claimed to have died (He said he did not know the identity, whether she was a Christian or not, living Holy or not). He said the lady claimed that if you dress exactly like Deeper Life member, then heaven is sure.
    In my opinion, these experiences are “Near death experience” phenomena (NDE) and not death, for it is appointed unto man to die once, then judgment.
    Sister Linda never claimed ‘dressing’ like a deeper life member will take you to Heaven, but rebuked the Church for ‘lack of love & backsliding’, while commending the GS for being on the right path, but warns that many members are going to Hell and that GS should have a program of revival (tour) for the branches round the world. Sister Margaret Amure (who said something close to that) did not say that as well. Before her NDE, Sister Amure believed in inward Holiness only for decades but that you could put anything on your body as clothes; God doesn’t care. When she had her experience, Christ showed her she was wrong; He demands inward & outward Holiness. Besides she kept malice with her husband, these 2 items pulled her mansion down 7 times in Heaven and that she was having her last chance (the reason for her protracted sickness), Christ told her to copy Deeper life’s mode of dressing examining herself in a mirror before going out, repent of grudges and keep being on fire for Christ.
    Whoever listens directly to the message can never make such conclusive remark. I believe GS did not listen to any of the NDE messages, somebody must have relayed them.
    The messages are touching, captivating and brings the reality of Heaven’s requirements to earth with blazing 2-edged sword. I am yet to see a sermon from any pastor that reinforces the Biblical truth as shown by Christ through these people. How many of us know before these testimonies that wrestling, boxing, carnival, worldly music, fashion, inordinate love for football etc are against God?
    Again the issue of Abraham’s statement in Luke 16. Abraham is not Christ, Christ was before Abraham, Christ is the only authority in Heaven who can say or do whatever as He likes: John 5:22, For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son Mat 28:18 “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”. I do not know indeed if the revelation of Jesus Christ to Apostle John the beloved (Book of Revelation), Apostle Paul (2 Cor. 12:1-4, about third Heaven) and Stephen (Acts 7:55, Stephen’s martyrdom), forecloses such from Christ to His Church till rapture! Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, [that] I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: {2:29} And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. {2:30} And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth…..” What shall be the contents of these visions and dreams etc?
    Nothing contradicts the Bible in these testimonies as far as I understand. In fact, it is better for me to obey them and discover they are more than required than not to meet up (so it seems now). Most do not want to believe because it challenges their self-righteousness.
    One again, a comment about Sister Linda’s message to DLBC, that Pastor Kumuyi should revive the Church is timely, that exactly is what the church is doing. Perhaps it is a coincidence I do not know. If you read the statements of Pastor son’s wedding controversy critically, the Son said, ‘even though He has been attending the Church since out of Nigeria to Europe, however the adherence to basic doctrine of the Church in Europe is no more as it is in Nigeria! That’s a food for thought.
    What I believe is that if you one follows DLBC doctrine one should make Heaven, it is a matter of what each person chooses to do with the teaching that will determine the final destination, however, the NDE revelations reveal a very wide gap between our understanding of the word of God and our lives in relationship to making Heaven.
    God bless you

  34. The bible is enough for christians to believe because God has pass judgement already upon anyone that will add to or remove from the bible Rev 22:18-19. Be warn.

  35. Pastor Kumuyi is trully a man of God. He got it so right by his response and advise. Some businessmen pastors would have used this info from a so called (Linda and others from God-knows-where) as a campaign measure to populate their ministry (even though the members are far from God). Many so called “pastors” even preached about it ignorantly thus placing an acceptance seal on these (prophtess / dead and ressurrected people) without asking to think who these people are or were before the so called revelations. Many “christians” were running helter skelter disposing off wigs and trousers as if judgement or slavation is based on weavons and trousers.
    Let me tell you, wear only garments, leave your hair natural, stay without a single earring or gold all your life 24/7; while committing secret sins in your heart and deeds. Let’s see how God will accept you as his own because of your dressing. Listen, God is not a Nigerian or an African. He owns and created every single human and animal on this planet. He will not send a devout God-fearing American woman who wears trousers and shampoos her hair all her life to heaven and send a similarly devout and God-fearing African woman to hell because she wore trousers and made her hair. Let’s stop majoring on minors and interpreting man-made cultural ideas and beliefs as sins. Let’s learn to distinguish between religious dogmas (men’s ideas of the ideal) from doctrines (bible based laws). The key to making heaven is salvation by God and living right (by man) as not living right in accordance with Christ’s dictates cancels your salvation. After death, it is judgement. You are not righteous because you suddenly changed from looking attractive and youthful to looking old, dreary and careless about your self image and carriage. Everyone, even the holiest gets attracted to good-looking people. If you were painting like a mask, dressing almost naked and so self-consumed with materialism, then true repentance should manifest from your heart first to your outfit (you become uncomfortable in some dress). Modesty in dressing as a christian, is one hallmark of true repentance but not necessary an evidence of being born again. You can dress well and still sin well. On the other hand presenting yourself as if you are old, unkempt and careless about your looks to proove that you are marreid to Jesus is a “sin” against your personality (even your husband, if married). Don’t start looking stupid, unfashionable, dirty, unkempt like quite a number look these days, yet no one around their compound can relate with them because of their odd mindset. asocial behaviour and wickedness. These kind of “christians” no matter how many tongues they speak need repentance more than the unbelievers.

  36. It is very wrong for anybody to condemn everything about this woman, what she said she saw and the selling of the cds.
    If it is never a sin for this great man of God Father Kumuyi to share the mind of God by producing and selling Christian Novels and Magazines, so also sharing the same kind of message by selling cd production is never a sin.
    Secondly, even when a preacher is preaching we listen and we amend our ways where necessary. So also if anybody watch this woman’s cd as a child of God he or she is to make correction where necessary and allow God to judge all lies in such a message.

  37. One bishop said angels took him to heaven. Wen he got there Jesus stands up for him to sit down that he (d bishop) is the massiah of today. He said Jesus named him the bishop of the whole world. He is sitting at d rite hand of Jesus.

  38. God bless you Wisdom, Collins, Simon and Lawrence and as well as you Chidimma! You v really spoken my mind. Lawrence i love it how you put it “It would be better i obeyed and later discovered in heaven that it was more than required than not to meet you the standard or requiremen.” But then “What if we later discover at the gate of heaven that most of the things which we condemned on earth are true?” what would you do? Ofcourse you wouldnt say you were not warned by God.

    GOD is the God who loves using the foolish and weak things of the earth to confound the things of the wise and might. Some times God uses basket to fetch water in order to dishonour or humble the bucket. Linda”s message is of God incovenient yourself and obey you will not regret after death.

  39. We are all saved by His grace,cos our righteousness re nothing but filthy rags before him… And let’s maintain our stand and stop ds confusion.consult ur Bible and d help of d Holy spirit


  41. Don’t hang your faith on any pastor or man of God. Everyone shall stand before God to be judged. Men of God are not God, they are men and are liable to error. Get the genuine Holy Spirit and be rooted in the word of God to judge spiritual things. Listen to Linda’s message, compare it with the word of God before you can make your judgement. “But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.” (1 Corinthians 9:27). Don’t miss heaven, ready to give up anything to make heaven. Contact me on spiritual things 08035532489

  42. Well spoken Pastor Kumuyi….D best i hv heard since i strtd hearing abt Deeper Life nd dere Doctrines. U hv jst proved urself nt only 2 b a true man of God, bt a father.

  43. Pls my broda and my sis i need people who has submit them self to christ totally that we can both meet no matter the church to assembly to be carrying the word of God to people in any place or town in the world,may jesus help us.i may be contacted on facebook,taju alade akande@facebook or 08039419063.

  44. Medical and Health care in retirement communities are very simple, with residents that require
    extensive care being visited by local nurses or homecare agencies.
    ” As entertainer Eubie Blake was known to say, “If I had
    known I would live this long I would have taken better care of myself.
    Coaches deal with not only their players but parents, administration and fans.

  45. There is nothing in this world that people will not criticised. Even when our lord Jesus christ came to this world He was actually criticised and mocked, people did not believe him as being d son of God. If many of us were in existence then we would have called him liar, thief. I do not see anything wrong with Linda selling her CDS after all pastors sell their own preaching in cds also and encourage members and non members to buy. Even pastor Kumuyi sells his preaching cd and choir ministeration

  46. Weda linda’s messg is 4rm d devil or not wat i kn is dat it has transformd me n my luvly sister especiali in d area of makeups n trousers. Remba dat it ws d stubbones of d jews dat brout gentiles 2 God so if deeper life members n dia pastors or gs lyk let dem treat dis revelatn wit a kid’s gloves bcos dey feel dia d only1 2 make heavn. Remba d story of d of d republican n d pastor who told God dat he ws beta dan d republican instead of confessn his sins. D entire messg has transform majority of pple especiali d muslims be wise n escape 4 ur life. Dis is no tym 2 put ur trust in ur pastors as dey av faild in dia responsibilites.

  47. He said a simple and clear tyn am jst seein diff interpretations, wrong ones. u no d condemnation is nt to d cd or d sis but u pple nd ur unsettled mindset nd d way pple can magnify wat to she said to wat its nt nd nt of d bible, rada dan dat y nt folo d bible or pple dat died in true xtianity bfor d cd was released dey went to hell cos dey didnt lisen to d testimony..hmmm pple. d devil can b pple demselvs nd in such a medium d devil works nd with wat am seein seems he is succeedin.

  48. i dnt beliv in religion coz is full of confusion.everybody knws d diffrenc between gud and bad.our actions,behaviors,attitudes are d seeds we ar sowin to reap u sowin d gud ar bad seeds?

  49. I will advice we commentators to be careful with our tongues when it comes to issue addressing men of God. Plsif u have judged the man of God I advise you to ask God for his forgiveness of sin

  50. Another thing we need to understand is that there is a gift of discerning of spirit. Anyone of us can easily come up with a cd like that an start making money, we can’t just assume that the man of God made a mistake, he must have being led by the spirit of God, God will never ask someone to criticise, it is highly unreasonable for someone to produce a cd telling women that the use of rubber n wool will lead them to hell, n we swallow it, pls the same woman who claim to see mummy Kumuyi in heaven ask her what she knows about her life, Mummy Kumuyi uses rubber to plait her hairs then how did she get to heaven the truth is we should be careful of the information we feed our minds with, the sons of the devil are wise in there own way they appear like angels of light atimes. Who knows if the message is coming from the kingdom of darkness? Let’s be careful

  51. Jesus may come today. Glad day, glad day.
    And i may see my friend, danger and trouble.
    If Jesus should come today.

    Glad day! glad day! is it the crowningday?
    I’ll live for today no anxious be.
    Jesus my Lord i soon shall see.
    Glad day! glad! is a crowning day?

    I may go home today. Glad day, glad day.
    seemeth i hear their song.
    Hail to the radiant throng.
    If i should go home today.

    Glad day! glad day! is it a the crowning day?
    I’ll live for today no anxious be.
    Jesus my Lord i soon shall see.
    Glad day! glad day!
    Is the crowning day?

    Why should i anxious be?
    Glad day! glad day!
    Light appear on the shore,
    Sun will affright nevermore,
    For He is “at hand” today.

    Glad day! glad day! is it the crowningday?
    I’ll live for today no anxious be,
    Jesus my Lord i soon shall see,
    Glad day! glad day! is it the crowning?

    Faithful I’ll be today, Glad day! glad day!
    And i will freely tell,
    Why i should love Him so well.

    Glad day! glad day!
    ls it the crowning day?
    I’ll live for today no anxious be,
    Jesus my Lord i soon shall see.
    Glad day! glad day!
    ls it the crowning day?

  52. “Called unto holiness, “Church of our GOD;
    Purchase of JESUS redeem by His Blood,
    Called from the World and it’s idol to flee, Called from the bondage of sin to be free.

    “Holiness unto the LORD” is our watchword and song;
    “Holiness unto the LORD” as we’re marching along,
    Sin it, shout it, loud and long….
    “Holiness unto the LORD” now and forever.

    “Called unto holiness,” children of light;
    Walking with JESUS in garment of white,
    Raiment nor unsullied nor tarnished with sin,
    GOD HOLY SPIRIT abiding within.

    “Holiness unto the LORD,” is our watchword and song;
    “Holiness unto the LORD,” as we’re marching along,
    Sing it, shout it, loud and long…
    “Holiness unto the LORD, “now and forever.

    “Called unto holiness,” praise His dear Name;
    This Blessed secret to faith now made plain,
    Not our own righteousness, but CHRIST with,
    Living and reigning and saving from sin.

    “Holiness unto the LORD,” is our watchword and song;
    “Holiness unto the LORD, “as we’re marching along.
    Sing it, shout it, loud and long.
    “Holiness unto the LORD, ” now and forever.

    “Called unto holiness” glorious thought,
    Up from the wilderness wondering brought,
    Out from the shadow of darkness of night,
    Into the Canaan of perfect delight.

    “Holiness unto the LORD,” is our watchword and song,
    “Holiness unto the LORD,” as we’re marching along,
    Sing it, shout it, loud and long,
    “Holiness unto the LORD,” now and forever.

    “Called unto holiness,” BRIDE of LAMB,
    Waiting the BRIDGROOM returning again;
    Lift up your heads for the day draweth near.
    When in His beauty the King shall appear.

    “Holiness unto the LORD,” is our watchword and song,
    “Holiness unto the Lord,” as we’re marching along,
    Sing it, shout it, loud and long…
    “Holiness unto the LORD,” now and forever.

  53. I have always said people should discard those videos, they are lies from the pit of hell to cause heresy and hatred and disunity in the body of Christ. the word of God, the teaching of of Lord Jesus and the Apostles should be the standard and bases for our Christian life. if the word of God can’t saves you forget. I appreciate the MOG. sometimes when one pastor is mentioned that he is in hell when Christ has not come to judge him, he alive preaching and no pastor rebuked such unbiblical testimony I felt so bad. some Christian don’t read the Bible so can be easily carried away by every wind. am grateful to God.

  54. Jesus Christ loves you Sir. Those sugar coined mummys and daddys are agents of Satan, in pretending form, literary are not really human, they are in assignment by their father the DEVIL, in possessions to deceive people thru deceptive ways to steal, kill and destroy someone Sir! U might enjoy it for seconds! Then, it leads to the pool of HELL awaiting U ooo. Satan is a liar! Be warmed. Hell and Heaven are real and very sure. Pls kindly read: Isaiah 1:18, John 1:11, 3:3,5, 14-19, Rev. 20:5-7,21:5-8, Gal.5: 17-22. Thank you Sir as U do in Jesus Christ’s Name.

  55. Even Satan,Dragon,The Beast,Mamord mamiwater,can show you the most beautiful place,began to produce some Cd,thinking you are on the right point,my people dont allow anyone to deceive us,the simplest prayers,oh God i have come before thee,forgive me all my sin,day by day,second to second,minutes by minutes,hourly,Pastor can Preach to us,also them are looking for salvation,thinking how made heaven,these four things are real,am asking who is colecting powers from them?only a deadly can kill his fellower brothers,anyone who kill his fellower brother,you will directly go to hell,no religions teach us such things,you cannot mock God and free,he is higher,higher above,he is higher than the way you think,im thinking how to remove some stain in me,before any other person,think about youself before any other person,if you want make money,do it to youselfe,but stop lying to us,a liar is the must selfish person in the world,judge no one,because he can or she can repent at any moment,all the problem that is happening in the world,is human being that is coursing it,because we allow devil to control our spirit,okay contiue with making money and killing,my friends you are all deceivers,human nagetive,not positive,positive and nagetive cant join together,stop killing,because is the part of the temple of God,and you fake teachers,or preachers,stop it,stop making with lie lie preaching,stop prophesying,to us,oh you fake prophet,fake people preachers,from both side,ask God to us,not you,powerless powers,receceiving power from the kingdom of darkness,beig quite,being good,its for yourselfe.


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