Man Burns Down Neighbor’s House Attempting To Get Rid of Wasp Nest


There are plenty of ways to take care of a wasp problem. You have bug spray, exterminators, and…uh…more bug spray. Guess which option a British man used on his neighbor’s home? A flaming rag.

According to the Telegraph, Lyndsey Brealey returned home with her two daughters from a short vacation to find a fire had gutted their home. Evidently, her neighbor took it upon himself to declare war on a nest of wasps that had taken up residence in a cavity of Brealey’s home. As her neighbor learned the hard way, war can get pretty messy.


The unidentified neighbor decided his best option was to “smoke them out” by using a flaming rag tied to the end of a pole. Just a side note: When your solution to a problem is fire at the end of a stick you’re probably in for some trouble.

According to the neighbor, a gust of wind came buy and he quickly lost control of the fire. It took ten firefighters to eventually quell the fire but by then Brealey and her two daughters lost everything, including their pet hamster.


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