Lola Omotayo Defends Her Man – Peter Okoye Of P-Square On Twitter


I bet you are read from one of my reports how Peter Okoye took the picture with the street side musicians in Canada with the caption, ‘now i know what it feels like to be entertained, street hustle luv dis folks’.

Well, I jokingly commented on how Peter Okoye might do the same thing in Nigeria but it seems one of his followers on Twitter, took it more personal than i did.

The Twitter follower tweeted: – ‘dis is inferiority complex at its peak Nw i c y u r in2 a relatnshp with @Lolaomotayo2011 hope u giv birth 2 completely white kids’.

Peter’s fiance, Lola didn’t find that funny and told him to stop being a racist. She Insisted that Peter will seat with beggars of all shades, shapes and sizes in any part of the world………

Read all their tweets below.





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