Impeachment Of President Is Not Ruled Out – Jibrin Faults Kawu’s Statement

The deputy minority leader of the House of Representatives Hon Samaila Kawu, who is believed to have said the House was not considering the impeachment of the President, has been advised not to speak on behalf of the House.

This warning was given by the chairman of the House Committee on Finance, Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin in a press statement on.

Earlier yesterday, Kawu said that impeachment of the President Goodluck Jonathan was not on the House’s agenda, adding that those who might want to exploit the factionalisation of the PDP to foment trouble in the House should stay away.

Jibrin faulted Kawu’s statement, saying that it is not within the power of Kawu to decide whether or not the House would choose to impeach the President.

“With due respect to him … Hon. Kawu is not the authorised spokesman of the House, so he is not in a position to speak on its behalf. That responsibility is reserved for somebody else, who, as far as the world knows, has up until this moment not made any public statement with regard to the intra-party feud within the PDP,” he stated.

He added that the PDP crisis had transformed from a merely internal into a nation-wide one, and would be treated as a national problem when the House resumes next week. Jibrin said:

“When a ruling party begins to toe the path of self-destruction in a manner that clearly threatens the unity of Nigeria, it is simplistic for anyone to reduce such a crisis to an internal problem that should be left for the party alone to deal with.”

Jibrin added that impeachment is a constitutional instrument and said whether the lawmakers would use it nor could not be determined by Kawu.

It will be reminded, that a new PDP faction consisting of seven of the party’s 23 governors, announced that it takes over the party on Saturday, August 31. Since then the ruling party has been torn by internal struggles.


  1. Only irrational minds would think of impeaching the president now.u can’t impeach him & expect to hear ONE NIGERIA,don’t u ever disceive urself, dat would mean the end of A UNITED Nigeria.if he is voted out fine,but impeached?ABsolute NEVER

  2. these people think they can deceive us, who among all of you is clean? which of you will first throw the first stone when all of you are birds of same feather…..make all of una me choo nu i beg, useless leaders. God will punish all of you.

  3. Mallam Jibril is a goat, witout missing of words d end wil come wen jst d motion is moved. If PDP is hving problem is it nw d duty of d house of rep 2 fix it? I advice dose hungry fools 2 rethink b4 teking stepz else no wil stand 2giv account of d outcome. Nonse illitrate who force himself on his ppl 2d lower chamber & feels he can do any hw. If Atiku is sick d Arewa can fly him abroad 4treatment cos a thief can’t decide 4us on wat 2do afta destroy d nation & nw claimin 2b saint. Fools.


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