“I’m Gay” — “And I Want To Become A Woman”: Confessions After 20 Years Of Marriage

After over twenty years of living together, a husband and wife confess to each what their true desires are.


David Kaufman, it turned out, had always felt trapped in his masculine body. Nevertheless, ignoring his true nature, he married twice, and had two children.

Only 20 years into his marriage with his second wife, Cat, he mustered up courage to confess his growing attraction for other men, as well as his desire to become a woman.

But Cat beat him to it, and came clean first by revealing she is attracted to women.



The spouses are now living separately, with Cat saying she never, in the course of their marriage, saw any signs of her husband’s true state.

David has now started the gender transition process to become Danielle.

Both spouses say the ‘news’ were shocking, but, nevertheless, exciting and relieving.

Watch the interview with the unusual couple below:




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