ILLUMINATI: Wiz Khalifa’s Wife, Amber Rose With Inverted Cross Tattooed On Her Forehead


The rumors of certain American and even African entertainers being devil worshipers (Illuminati) is no longer news.

The America Festival which held yesterday had lots of celebrities present, one of them being Amber Rose.

The sexy model and wife of rapper, Wiz Khalifa got the attention of cameras as she had an inverted cross tattooed on her forehead.

She has been described as a satanic worshiper and all sorts of evil names by the general public has resorted to commotion around the world.

Some say “an inverted cross” is a respectful/humble way to show no one should/can be crucified by the cross, while other sources say its a way of dis-vowing Christ.


  1. But christ did not die on d cross! Whether inverted or not is immaterial & doesn’t hold water for us who don’t believe in dat scrap called cross{roman conception} christ died on a torture stake. So whether its up or down,it doesn’t depict true christianity! Pls Read encyclopedia of world religion,do more research on origin of present world religion & u will know d truth!

  2. Gail abeg pls dnt confuse urself and other pple.according 2 history her was crucified nt nailed 2 a stake.where the he’ll do u guyz get dis rubish from.haaaaaA I tire

  3. Gail what u beliee in dosnt change the truth. For the preaching of the cross is foolishness unto them that are lost and u are one of them and the god of this world has blinded your eyes so that so that u cannot believe.

  4. Vv i see u are applauing the ignorance of gail.which god will bless him, is it the true God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ or the god of this world. i think u are one of those people who say’i don’t do God’. You know if u don’t do God there are 2 things u will do. One is drugs and the other one is sex, so which one do u do?

  5. Denying the cross or making it inverted is a clear sign of anti Christ. We all know that darkness and light cannot co- habit as one gives way at the entrance of the other. Those who deny Christ on earth ,Christ will deny them before his which one is better? I pray for God’s mercy on the lost sheep of the world.

    • What is antichrist?it is who does not believe in d father & d son{1 john 2 vs 18,22} any one who does not believe in d inspired expression of God by not confessing jesus is an antichrist!{1 john 4 vs 3} 2 john 7. i believe in God & d one he sent forth jesus christ, i don’t believe in d cross but believe he died on d torture stake & his blood washed away my sins not d cross. U make obeisance to d cross which is wrong!

  6. Jesus did not die on d cross,he was nailed on a torture stake which is a straight pole or log of wood. Go & read encyclopedia of world religion,do more research ok! Whether nailed on d stake,dat will not make you blieve in d stake but believe in d one dat died on d stake. Why do u christen dom like not believe in what d bible did not teach? That’s why muslims make mockery of u like 3 person in one god. Another one is d dis holy ghost & holy ghost fire! What is a ghost:it is d spirit of a dead person according to 7,8,9 edition oxford dictionary. Holy ghost fire! Gods holy spirit is a comforter & amicable. The first original translation of KJV rendered it holy spirit before all dis adulterated KJV. Do u know how much controversy was there when d apostles died & roman empire brought in dr paganism in to d congregation of d people of God? D believers accepted paganism & changed d standard of God inorder to be accepted by roman empire & dat is what brot about dis scrap of cross & trinity

  7. @ victor ikegwuruka, What is antichrist? It means d one dat does not blieve in jesus christ,d one dat denies d father & the son.{1 john 2 vs 18,22} any one who does not believe in d inspired expression & does not confess christ{1 john 4 vs 2& 3} so why will i believe in d cross,is it christ? He did not nail all my problems to d torture stake but carried it away by himself,he bores d pains of my sins not d torture stake. By his suffering & made whole!

  8. My God!…hmm wat z dis world turning into?…gail u re on way to damnation ,stop deceiving odas,i pity dos hu heed to his advice…CHRIST died on d cross nt stake,stop readin fiction frm d dictionary,euen d wrter of d dictionary cnt giv u corect info…take heed and save ursef….stop being against cath,its d one true church

  9. Satan is out to deceive d world he sends his agents to chat rooms social networks in order to cause chaos and confusion its not every post that u should reply gail and Vv kip it up @ abdul one thing I love abt my religion is that we don’t fight for our God unlike u muslims he fights for himself its better u kip quiet than to draw God’s wrath on upon urself

  10. the coming of christ. I.e. birth, life time, teaching and sighns and wonders and prophecy and the crucification of christ on the cross andthe resurrection of christ. are all God orchestrated plan for the lost sheep to be saved. nothing is left out undone and nothing is added that was not added from the beginning. God has a reason for christ to be crucified on the cross. no mistake about that and not by the making of men. for God saw it all before it was all fulfilled. for the illuminati to come out openly with an inverted downwod cross is a sighn that is best known to them. but to me that is a misconception of the cross, but not a misconception of christ to my understanding because the tattood cross on her four heard has no christ inverted on it.

  11. Errrm, if u say the inverted cross depicts being in d illuminati, then u’re saying d pope is a member of d illuminati too. If u are not blind, u wld av noticed dat d inverted cross is d papal symbol. An if u went to school, u will know that peter was crucified on an inverted cross, as he saw himself unworthy to be crucified d same way as his saviour…….then guess what oo, peter was d first pope..(gasps)!… So please, it will be in everyone’s favour if some research is done before posting utter Bull* as news. Thank you!

  12. don’t argue the Bible, hold fast to your believes and let God be the judge, what we should be doing is pray for God’s mercy for the lost and let he that thinks he stands take heed lets he falls………… you can never outsmart d devil with argument for he is far more older than you……….. be wise

    • Hamza wetin cary your mouth come this matter? Ok, since you want talk about Bible. I know the new testament touches you so much that you don’t have rest of mine. Don’t worry Jesus is the answer to your problems. Come to Jesus now before it’s too late for you. NO HARD FEELINGS JUST THE TRUTH.

      • @daniel my broda leave dos pple dat av sold Dia soul to the devil 4 d tinz of diz world dey will perish unless dey repent n turn 2 christ. This evil doers av been blinded by lucifer so dey re meant 4 hell nt all will see God’s kingdom some re bound 4 hell n dey know it so if they like let dem believe in D devil n material tinz of dis world n dey don’t know dat all vanity. Leave dem let dem talk trash. Thunder go fire Dia mouth for talking rubbish

      • @daniel my broda leave dos pple dat av sold Dia soul to the devil 4 d tinz of diz world dey will perish unless dey repent n turn 2 christ. This evil doers av been blinded by lucifer so dey re meant 4 hell nt all will see God’s kingdom some re bound 4 hell n dey know it so if they like let dem believe in D devil n material tinz of dis world n dey don’t know dat all vanity. Leave dem let dem talk trash. Thunder go fire Dia mouth for talking rubbish. Amen!

  13. Popes are illuminaties bCOs dey dine with d world rulers……Gail is right……I think Armageddon would answer more……

  14. @gail, when u say Jesus die in a stalk why do u use the ecylopedia to expatiate instead of the bible. The world believe Jesus die for our sins on the cross of calvary, stop saying what u cant prove but God is in a better position to tell us who is saying the truth.

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  18. Wtf is torture stake???,….Who was killed dere?,…..After watering. Down d contents. F d Bible 2 suit ur belief,u come here 2 try n make a stand.Wah concerns d Trinity wit d topic here,…n if u where so sensible 2 read d whole encyclopedia why dnt u get a Version f d bible in hebrew,translate jst Genesis n discover God was in plural……so now spirit cannot be used 2 refer 2 d soul f a dead person?,….c’mon,words are used in diff context,ghost n spirit are synonyms,n if one should mean d soul f a dead person,d oda shuld point dat 2…..stp tryna crucify oda chrches n feel righteous,….die 4 religion as if on d last day God is gon ask wah u called d cross,….torture stake r waheva u kal it,….dun go n clean ur heart,die 4 a religion u hv nt d faintest idea about..most righteous,…MtcheewwwwWww….dey’l leave d post behind n jump off 2 smfin entirely diff…..xo pissed.


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