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Standard Chartered PLC is a leading international bank, listed on the London, Hong Kong and Mumbai stock exchanges. It has operated for over 150 years in some of the world’s most dynamic markets and earns more than 90 per cent of its income and profits in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This geographic focus and commitment to developing deep relationships with clients and customers has driven the Bank’s growth in recent years.

Job Title: Head, New Business

Job description

Develop and drive strategies to deliver superior sales performance in DSR models/ Telesales/Alternative Distribution/Overall Distribution for all Value Centre/Businesses through efficient allocation of resources and managing priorities to deliver against ambitious economic profit performance goals agreed for CB Nigeria.
Also work as part of the country CB MANCO to deliver on the country overall economic profit performance goals.Key Roles & Responsibilities

•Work as part of the Nigerian team to establish priorities and ensure effective performance delivery for CB
•Establish and address agenda of top issues/opportunities to improve performance and growth ensuring a robust sales/performance management system for optimal productivity and efficiency
•Accountability for adherence to policy framework relating to DSRs laid down at group and regional level
•Agree business plans for new DSR model launch for Nigeria
•Develop, rollout, maintain and where applicable, recommend procedures and controls that meet /strengthen the requirements of the group policy, group standards and local law and regulations
•Responsible for managing opportunity and risk associated with the direct sales channel in Nigeria
•Develop and grow multiple and aggressive sales units for all products with a vision to be a market leader in Nigeria
•Develop sales strategies for specific product channels, customer segment and geographic segment
•Build organisation and management team capable of delivering distinctive sales performance through activities according to the key performance drivers through an appropriate mix of Direct sales models
•To drive, motivate and inspire country heads of sales/sales managers to achieve their planned sales activities and targets
•Create framework and draw up strategies for managing performance delivery across all sales channels (mainly DSR, BCOT and its various classification including telesales/direct sales/road shows e.t.c) and key decisioning resources
•Ensure adequate controls and standardisation of payment of incentive/commission to DSR in Nigeria
•Work collaboratively to resolve issues across business functions in ways that maximise performance for overall CB
•Ensure training standards laid down at group and regional level including those relating to compliance are met
•Ensure customer service quality and complaints are handled promptly and efficiently to satisfaction of customers. At the same time ensure that the process of monitoring the above is clearly defined
•Build adequate processes in sales function and structure to prevent mis selling, misrepresentation, fraud and adhering to customer protection principles
•HR policies continued to be renewed and followed by staff
•Ensure that effective arrangements are in place within job-holder’s area of business responsibility for the prevention of money laundering in line with group policy standards, local legal and regulatory requirements, based on guidance from the country MLPO. In appropriate communication with staff, emphasise the need for all employees to know and adhere to money laundering guidelines
•Be responsible for undertaking the Business monitoring and testing and reporting findings/exceptions
•Will support the business heads in driving OR management and compliance effort at the business level respectively
•Will support efforts in new regulatory and internal policy requirements Pan Africa
•Responsible for ensuring the quality of ongoing monitoring and issue resolution
•Responsible for developing the relevant control measures and monitoring plans
•Responsible for ensuring of ongoing business monitoring and integrity of OR related data
•Will track and follow up on OR exceptions and issue resolution
•Will examine the overall business OR profile with BORM and implement appropriate remedial actions using the BORG forum
•Ensure you remain alert to the risk of money laundering and assist in the bank’s effort in combating it by adhering to the principles in relation to ‘identifying your customer, knowing your customer, reporting suspicious safe guarding records and not disclosing suspicions to customers’. Ensure members of your team are trained in combating money laundering

Qualifications & Skills

•Bachelors degree holder and above with between 12 -15 years business/sales experience
•Minimum 7 years in a leadership/managerial role in sales area with proven abilities
•Strong analytical, problem solving and operational skills
•Ability to manage result deliverables within strict time and resource constraints
•Willingness to travel often
•Process good communication and interpersonal skills with an ability to lead and motivate staff
•Judgement is required to ensure that the right systems and procedures are selected and resources are allocated effectively
•Ability in leading the DSR channel toward the direction of customer focus, empower the local staff and the team work
•Experienced in leading and driving change.

In compliance with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Act of 2004, all applicants should ensure that they have completed the mandatory NYSC programme. A discharge certificate will be required as evidence of completion of the programme. Where an exemption has been granted, a certificate of exemption will also be required.

Diversity & Inclusion

Standard Chartered is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that a work environment which embraces diversity will enable us to get the best out of the broadest spectrum of people to sustain strong business performance and competitive advantage. By building an inclusive culture, each employee can develop a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to maximise their personal potential.

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