[Advice Needed] I Fear She Would Dump Me. What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
I am dating for this girl and I feel she would dump me soonest. This is because I have not done anything meaningful for her since we started dating. I have not given her ant money, not because I don’t want to, I don’t just have the means. She has not complained about it and she tells me it would be fine. I am just so scared, I don’t want to lose her. Help please!


Dear Rosky,
I understand what you feel, but then you should be grateful that you have a girl who understands and accepts you. You need not fear losing her, you only need to work hard and become a better person. Work the extra miles, believe in your self and in the relationship. Love and respect your girl as well. All would be fine soonest.
All the best,

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