[Advice Needed] How Do I Make Him Stay With Me?

images (16)Dear Tee,
I started dating this guy in 2011 and he would give anything just to make me happy when the relationship was new. Before I went for my NYSC, his father met my parents and told him about his son intention of marrying me. We could not get married then because of we had some misunderstandings and we were apart for one year. Later, he came to apologize and we got back again. Recently, we had another quarrel and I told him that we should talk, but he has been avoiding me. What should I do?

Dear A,
I think the guy needs to understand what he really wants. He might be confused about what he really feels for you, he might be keeping something from you because you guys were not together for a good year. Dear, there is no point in rushing to marry him. I think you should let him be for now and not disturb him. Do not get unnecessarily disturbed about him, what is yours would always be yours. Let him take his decisions about you. And if he eventually comes back, you should sit him down and ask him questions. Ask him what he wants from you and what plans he has for the relationship; if he is not interested in taking your relationship further, you would know from his words and actions.
Wish you well,

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  1. You are in the best position to decide wat to do. But in my own view, you shld try to understand the beginning of the relationship wen started up to this moment. Cal the guy and sit him down for serious relationship to begin again. Gud luck


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