[Advice Needed] How Do I Convince My Husband That I Am Not Dating My Ex-Boyfriend?

images (11)Dear Tee,
There was this guy that I was dating before I met my husband. Later, we met again, I started working for him, but told him that I am married as he told me he is still interested in me. He said he would not leave me alone; I rejected his offer of a relationship and even introduced him to my husband. My husband thought that we are dating. After some months, my husby and I quarreled and he said he is not interested in the marriage again. I am not dating my ex. Please, what do I do?

Dear O.O,
I really understand why your husband is upset. This your ex is bent on getting you back as he stated, not minding the fact that you are married, which means he does not respect you or your marriage. If you want to save your marriage from falling apart, if you want your husband to understand that you are not dating him, you SHOULD QUIT working for him. This is because he is your ex, and closeness to him would affect your relationship with your husband. An ex should remain an ex and your past….. Therefore, quit working for him and avoid the temptation that might arise from such. Tell your husband you value your marriage to him and that he is the best thing that happened to you, and that you are willing to let go of that job….just for him. Your ex definitely is a dangerous person, I don’t understand why he would not let you be, I am sure you are not the only lady he is making such advances to…therefore, be wise and make a good decision. Love is about sacrifice…… let go of the job and look for another one.
All the best,


  1. It’s not enough introduces your ex to your husband while still working with him under one roof.it’s like dining with the devil with long spoon on your hand knowing full well that the devil is a dangerous kind of person to toil with.you may think you have long spoon on your path to ward off his advances from you like the devil unfortunately when it is the turn of the devil to show you his own long spoon you will discover yours is learning from the devil own long spoon.you’ve know he is trying to rekindle the fire both of you started in the past in the present instead of quitting your job to save your marriage you are there working under one same roof and at the sametime introduces the monster to your husband like a woman whom other men is trying to get in between her leg with funny jokes and spanking of her bottock instead of a heavy slap on them,she decided to take it lightly with light rebuke on them before you know that young man has gone into her permanent site executing illegal project on site and the next thing you hear is the devil fault not their own fault.as for your husband developing cool feet toward you in the marriage is normal of every man.its like one peeling a roasted yam for a blind man.how would the blind man know if you are not eating his yam when you stop talking.you can be talking and be eating,its not possible.talking while peeling the roasted yam of a blind man for him will make him not to see you as someone eating his yam simply because he is blind toward your activities.therefore sister,the only way to convince your husband that you are not having anything to do with your ex is to give up your job for another job and even change your phone number if he already have it in his phone.i wish you good luck.


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