8 Sneaky Ways To Let A Guy Know That You Like Him!!!!

images (1)bnMost of us know about the usual ways of expressing our adoration for somebody which invariably includes being vocal and expressive. However, have you ever wondered about how to express your fondness for him without actually saying nothing? This is not about playing guessing games with him, but expressing your feelings in an indirect and discrete way. This is also a way to find out if he can pick-up your signals without the need to spell-out everything. Here are some suggestions you can use:

1. Wear his colours
Try to pick out your dresses or accessories in colours that he likes. Wear these dresses whenever you meet him or are in his company. If he asks, don’t explain the reason for choosing a particular shade. Just say that you like it too. If he is smart enough, let us tell you that he will soon notice either your liking for him or for things that he likes!

2. Sight touch
This is one of the classic ways of hinting your liking for someone. A slight brush of hands, slight leanings, making excuses to brush your fingers through his hair, these are some great ways at hinting your liking towards that person. As long as it does not get uncomfortable for the man, do find an excuse to put your hand on his abs every now and then.

3. Compliment him
It is not only women who love compliments, guys dig those too. Find moments to throw in a few compliments at your man every now and then. Compliment him on his dressing style, on his jokes, on his work, or on his abs. Well, whatever it is, do make sure it is genuine and not too overwhelming. You just want to compliment him, not flatter his ego!

4. Use your eyes
Eyes are perhaps the most useful tools at your disposal if you want to express something without saying a word. A simple glance could mean a lot to him. As it is said “eyes are the mirror to one’s soul”. So, ensure that you don’t fail to make eye contact with him. Even when your man is not looking or feeling his best, look at him as if to reassure and reaffirm that your are there right by his side. If your eyes can express a degree of admiration and genuine concern in such situations, it reflects you truly care for him.

5. Gift him some small things
Make a mental note of the smaller things he likes. This could be a particular kind of a coffee mug or a typical kind of fragrance he likes in his car. Whenever you get the opportunity to give him a gift, choose one such thing. This will instantly signify that you observe even the smallest things about him. Well, as long as you don’t act like a stalker, we are sure he will notice your efforts

6. Use the social networking
This is perhaps one of the most trendiest and smartest ways of announcing your liking for him. If he likes you, he is bound to be on your list of buddies. Remember the occasions when he complimented you. Post photographs of such occasions. To make him realise your motive behind this, use creative captions to denote that you value his opinion. Whenever he uploads photos of himself on his profile “Like” them to highlight that he genuinely captures your attention. Your tech-smart man will definitely catch these clues!

7. Smile and fiddle
Yes, these three are the ultimate giveaway signs of your liking. Smile whenever he looks towards you and fiddle with your hair strands. Add to these an engaging eye contact, and the cat is in the bag!
Well, what are you waiting for? Use these gestures to leave some hints for your smart man to catch up on! These small and sweet gestures will definitely help you to get the man you want. And, once he gets a whiff of what you are upto, he will surely take the relationship reins in his hands from there on!


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