2015: Jonathan Legible To Contest – SESS-PG

A group called South-east and South-south Professionals Group (SESS-PG), yesterday said President Goodluck Jonathan was legible to contest in 2015 as president according to constitutional provisions.

jonathan-portraitSpeaking on behalf of the group, Chairman, SESS-PG, Chief Ray Morphy said the constitution was clear on the eligibility of a sitting president to contest for a second tenure if he wished and all other citizens from any part of the country could equally contest for the post of the president as well.

Morphy further stated that nobody can stop somebody from the northern part of the country to equally contest in the 2015 presidential election as some groups were campaigning against the north’s participation in the presidential election, therefore called for caution of such moves.

He said; “We the South-east and South-south Professionals Group, SESS-PG, calls for peace among various stakeholders in the country ahead of the 2015 presidential and general elections. We want to warn against what it called “undue heating up of the polity” ahead of the 2015 general elections by individuals and various interest groups in the country.

“Every Nigerian so long as he is qualified by the constitution is free to run for office of the president and this includes President Goodluck Jonathan. SESS-PG wishes to remind all that the constitution is clear on tenure and we do not see why some people are reacting negatively to the constitutional qualifi-cation of Dr Jonathan in seeking a further term in office. “Whether he is doing well or not in office is beside the point at this point in time.

His track record is left for the electorate to determine at the appropriate election time but he certainly has a right to run which we at SESS-PG will support and uphold. “Just we also support the constitutional aspiration of any person of whatever region of Nigeria who believes he has something superior to offer the Nigerian people.

We call on such persons to offer themselves for any high office they desire without further delay so long as they do so within INEC’s rules, and in politics, the more the number the merrier. ‘’


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