“You Have To Show Off Your Body If You Want To Be A Female Entertainer” – Nigerian Singer, Lola Rae

Funmilola Rachel Garton, popularly known as Lola Rae, is a product of a mixed union-British father and Ghanaian mother-is set to storm the entertainment industry with her Afro Pop music.

The “Watch My Tingo” crooner, in this interview opens up on her mission to Nigeria, which she regarded as her home, fashion preferences and her music career.



My sojourn abroad.
IT was not that I went abroad for greener pasture. I relocated with my family. My mum, who is a Ghanaian and my dad, English and they both lived and worked in Nigeria for 50 years. They met and got married ; my three sisters and I were born in Nigeria and we lived in the country for fifteen years. We had to go back to school, but my dad insisted that he wants to die in this country because he loves Nigeria and claims to be a Nigerian. We all have Nigerian passports and this is the only country that I really know, that was why I go by the name Funmilola Rachel Garton because I am a Nigerian. I was born in Obalende, Lagos and I am proud to be a Nigerian.

Journey into entertainment.
I have always had the passion for music which is my talent. I feel like adding to what the likes of Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay, Omawuni, Waje and a host of others have been doing so well in the entertainment industry. It is a way of making a statement in a distinctive dimension and discharge my God-given talent right from my tender age. I am 22 years old and I am willing to showcase my talent as well as make the young ones realise that they have got one talent or the other to create jobs and opportunities. Just as Wizkid could be described as the young chap who is making waves in the entertainment scene, especially among the male counterparts, I want to represent the Wizkid of the female fold booming the industry too. He started as a kid and I also want to start as a kid (Laughs…).

What I do to keep in shape.

I am still trying to keep my shape. I have really lost weight, I was very big before I shot my video , but now I have lost weight. I have a trainer and my manager makes me eat well, she makes me eat salad, but when I am in Nigeria, I can be eating pounded yam.

Opinion on cosmetic surgery.
I don’t think it is ideal, except that you need it for medical condition. I would advise you go for it, but changing your face just because of vanity is uncalled for. Be happy with the face God has blessed you with and that is my personal opinion.

Take on provocative dressing.
It is not ideal to dress provocatively. You have to be a responsible lady and cover up. But when it comes to entertainment, you have to give somebody a glimpse of dreamy essence, something that you cannot see people do every day. When it comes to our performance outfits, I try to make them glamorous and sexy, but we always try to make it decent as well. So, it is half and half because in the entertainment industry, you have to appeal to your fans and your audience, look good and be exceptional.

My tattoos are from a Biblical passage, 1 Corinthians 13: 13: “Faith, hope and love.” Those three words are extremely powerful.


  1. Lola Rae, can you feature someone who has been dreaming of being a rapper in one of your song? No matter who the person is but can rap very well


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