Why Five Northern Governors Are After Jonathan – Presidency

The Presidency, yesterday, raised the alarm that five northern governors, who are currently moving round the country holding consultations with political stakeholders in Nigeria, have a hidden agenda to ease President Goodluck Jonathan out of the 2015 election “in order to enhance their selfish political interest”.

wammako-nyakoAccording to the Presidency, the so-called consultations by the governors, which had not been authorised by any organ of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, or the Presidency, was a selfish political move aimed solely at distracting President Jonathan from his people-oriented programmes and heat up the polity, so as to give the erroneous impression that the country was on fire. =

Wammako, Aliyu, Lamido, Kwankwaso and Nyako Wammako, Aliyu, Lamido, Kwankwaso and Nyako Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, made the accusation by the Presidency notwithstanding, the governors, yesterday took their grievances against President Jonathan and the Tukur-led PDP, to former Vice President and founding member of the party, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, in Abuja.

We have gathered that four out of the five governors – Sule Lamido, Murtala Nyako, Rabiu Kwankwaso and Aliyu Wamakko, met behind closed doors for several hours on Saturday with the former Vice President on what a source close to the governors described as a ‘further consultation’ with the founding fathers of the PDP.

“We met with the former VP and explained our grievances to him as a member of the G-34, which founded the PDP,” one of the governors said, without disclosing the details of their discussion. The meeting with Ekwueme brought to five the number of top profile Nigerian leaders that the aggrieved governors had so far visited and explained their grievances to.

The Presidency, which initially spat fire over the action of the governors for their audacity to confront the President on issues relating to the PDP and the 2015 election, has however soft-pedaled and begged them to give peace a chance. The Presidency which, though accused the five governors of having a hidden agenda against President Jonathan, also admonished them to desist from such antics in the interest of the nation.

The Political Adviser also pleaded with the quintuplet to sheathe their sword and allow peace to reign in the land. Gulak said, “I want to plead with the four or five governors from the north, who are trying to precipitate crisis to give peace a chance and spare the country avoidable trouble. “They should realise that without peace none of them would be governors.

They should subsume their interest. That is my plea to them”. Reflecting on the current crisis in the ruling party culminating in predictions about Nigeria’s disintegration in 2015, Gulak stated that the nation would wax stronger rather than break up.


  1. Shut up gulak, ur mouth stinks! U r so much of a disgustin liar, with absence of character, unprincipled n useless with baseless points. U r a confused maggot, a pain in d ass, a rotten smelly piece of shit. Wawa kawai. U’l knw d difference btw fresh n overnyt taped milk soon cum 2015. Wev seen alot of fools like u in d past dat r now turned into near beggars. The 5 Governors are heroes with bold names written in our history, but as 4 u, dats how u’l liv 4 d rest of ur life, a boot licker cum a pimp with no identity. At a point I don’t blame u, I blame d poor selfish souls dat brot up n untrained child like u with no displine to dis world. Tsinenne kawai

  2. Hmmmmmmm,Ahmad Gulak,as u are accusing these governors,u shoud also remember that your food will soon finish,where were u wen these governors went against their will and people to support GEJ 2011 that most of them lost valuable properties n even relations and love ones.we are very much watching you to see how far you will go.GEJ will not win this 2015election and we will look for where ever you go.because of the milk you are sucking from GEJ breast,you keep opening you stinking mouth every time,every where and even in most time insulting our elders and past leaders.be warn and just b at alert wen GEJ loses the presidency come 2015.

  3. I don’t blame the previous two commentators over their insults railed at mr gulak by asserting and defending his president-the father of this nation by virtue of his position as the no one citizen.Why won’t gulak assert his position nd right stand at the moment.
    The five govs are just clowns who are trying to truncate d growing nascent democracy in this nation.As many waiting to see Gej to fail in fort coming election have proven they are failures themselves.
    As for d govs,SHAME TO THEM!

  4. Jonathan is on his own, even his people have rejected him already what a shame! Must a man die for choosing his part?what has amaechi done to deserve those humiliation and disrespect. to the extent that even de first lady is having her own pound of flesh. PDP is divided as a result of this propaganda and I recall chief olusegun obasanjo showering praises to sule lamido stressing his regrets for not making him president, the hour has arrived and I can see the writing on de wall
    , jonathan’s regime is over, their days has been numbered come 2015 I see him with no chance to rule this country again.

    • Just look at the composition of the 4 governors- not a single Christian is among them. They should know that no Boko Harams would smell the highest seat come 2015. They think it’s because we have a Christian president and that’s why we are eluded of peace. Next elections would be Christian or Muslim affair and I know Christians are in the majority.

  5. the Five foolish Governor,when you look @ there political antecedent you’ll agree with me that nothing good will come out of them. bunch of idiot.they surely fail.


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