To Fight Corruption, We Need Money And Motivation – Inspector-General of Police

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar, stated that anti-corruption agencies are not doing much in terms of partnership in their fight against bribery and corruption in Nigeria. He said it at the public presentation of the first edition of ‘ICPC Law Report’ held in Abuja onWednesday, August 21.



Speaking a the presentation, the Inspector-General said:

“We need a level of collaboration, partnership that works; we are not doing that much but I believe we have always been encouraged by patriotic Nigerians that are willing to contribute and support us in the fight against corruption in this country, and I believe we can do more.”

He added, however, that one of the reason behind the reluctance of the anti-corruption agencies is a low pay to their workers:

“How do you fight corruption if you are not well paid, you are not well trained, you are not well motivated. Therefore, we are making effort but we need to do more.”

Mr Abubakar further said:

“When operatives go to prosecute cases, you want intelligent investigation and prosecution of cases; but what level of exposure, expertise and experience do these operatives have to that? Learning is a continuous process because your degree does not make you a prosecutor; your degree does not make you an investigator; your degree does not make you a police man – you have to learn.”

Source: Leadership


  1. Why Nigerian police station buildings are very urgly and dirty?
    is it means that government are not care or what?
    please I need an answers because it makes me sick if I saw police environment from South Africa.


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