The Famous American Actor SYLVESTER STALLONE Confesses Jesus As His Lord And Saviour!


The famous American actor SYLVESTER STALLONE has made a very important decision in his life. Did he film another movie? NO. He has surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and announced it to the public several days ago. However, there’s hardly been any information about it. If he had announced he was GAY, the TV shows and all the media and newspapers would have given it full coverage.


  1. my dear Stallone,i pray that God will see you through in that your country where a lot of negative things are celebrated instead of a decision to turn around your life for the best.God said HE will never leave or forsake you and so shall it be,in Jesus name,amen.

  2. Way 2 go! Thank u Jesus! Let them not broadcast it, the world loves darkness than light! But surely d light will prevail!

  3. Thank God for Silvester. This would not have made much difference to me. But it is of great value to me now that it seems that the whole world is declaring for Satan openly, even world acclaimed preachers. That is what they celebrate not what Silvester has done.

  4. Congrats,Syl.Imet him in 1979 at the American Embassy Budapest, Hungary.May the good Lord keep in faith till HE returns,Amen.—Sola.

    • @yusuf u re very stupid by calling christainity a wrong religion, is it dat religion of urs dats is full of violence dat u call tru religion? May holy spirit visit u and giv u insight on what tru religion is all about. religious fanatics dats what u re.

    • Yusuf,
      Let me tell you here that Christ did not come to found any religion, He came to save the world by the Command of the Father.Hence Christianity is a way of life and not any religion. Come here to Nigeria and come and see what Boko Haram is doing to humanity. Is is possible by logical reason to say the more people you kill, the more reward you have in heaven? will you be happy for some sect of people to come to your own family and kill all your loved ones and says his reward is more in heaven? Try Christ and you will see a whole lots of differences

  5. Angels are singing in heven. My prayer for him is: May the Lord hold him his victorious hands & help in nurishing him in his spiritual growth daily.

  6. It doesn’t change anything because u are still going to hell. My advice to you is keep on serching God will surely lead you to the truth

  7. Yusuf musa or wateva u cal urself, u r a goat 4 calin xtianity a wrng decision. Do u cal boko haram n d radicality in afganistan, iran n even d boko haram we witnes here in nija or beta stil d atempt 2 bonb a plane by a nigerian islamist n dat of d micheals both nigerians dat publicly slaugter a british cop an examle of d kind of peace u practis? Shame on u.

  8. You have now made the highest and greatest achievement in your life,the Lord is with you!,sail on! because the shout of the king is now among!,congratulation!

  9. If it’s true! Then congrats to u stallon,u have made the best, i mean the best choice ever a man could make in this perverse/fallen world. U are welcome to the living hope of every mankind and may the lord JESUS grant u the grace to overcome every temptatoin of this world.IJN Amen

  10. Yusuf musa i sympathise with you, you need God’s wisdom and directions before you make comments on religion issue, pls pray for wisdom God will surely give you.

  11. His grace will see you thru.though i didn’t know you cos i don’t watch films that are not gospel be it American or Nigerian but it is a wise decision you have made.God bless you.

  12. (John Rambo), Sylvester Stallon, I am so happy for u and I know the host of angels in heaven are doing same for u. May the Lord GOD continually help u to stay strong in faith and may ur joy be full…in JESUS name……Hallelujah!!

  13. Yusuf musa or wot ever stupid name yu clled yuself,i pray very soon boko haram will blast yur fcking head,i believe they ar yur people…….stallon yu md e best choice,God is yur strenght!

  14. Jesus said: in dis World troubles will surely come but be of gud cheer I VE OVER COME D WORLD…Mr RAMBO b ready 4 challenges but note: In d name of JESUS every LIVING and NON LIVING tins in heaven, on earth & under d earth shall bow…phil 2: 9-11…I Love u.

  15. Congratulations to you Mr Rambo. God shall continue His work in ur life. Amen. But, it ought to be noted for u that there is need to commit ur effors and power on Christ publications as u use be did in movies. Paradise is urs for making such an outstanding decisions. Jesus is lord! Halleluyah!!!

  16. Glory be to God. May His abundant Grace sustain u as u run this heavenly race and may more follow ur footstep. Thank You Jesus!

  17. Wow congrats may God help us all. Yusuf mind d way u talk bcuz thngs lyk dat are wat is bringing trouble between xtains n muslim

  18. i wish others can see through what you saw and make a turn to christ too.May help you and grant your the grace to win more souls for him

  19. congrate Sylvester Stalion, welcome 2 the big family redeemed by the blood of Jesus. May the Lord grante u grace to keep going. CONGRATE

  20. What shall it profit a Man to gain the world and loose his soul? Mr.Rambow, congratulation! Heaven in real, and it is only Jesus that can get us there, plus our good work, and spreading the good news in faith. May God help us all in Jesus name. Amen.

  21. Am api 4 u Bro Stallone! May the grace of the Lord Jesus sustain u all 2ru the Journey & use u to bring in the lost sheep outside there. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    Tanx to Jesus!

  22. sylvester is lost. he should summit himself to the creator of jesus. i wish u did not invent the new tastement nd u stick to d old one u would grab d real teachin of the jesus. search for d true it is stil there.

  23. I 1nda wats rong wit our muslim brodas nd dey claim dey ar a religion of peace bt dey will neva let slipin dogs lie,wats der problm pls if u kw lets hear u out.God hlp us n God bless u stallion welcm 2 d body of christ u will neva regret it.

  24. Am sorry to say this but sometimes i wonder whether U̶̲̥̅̊ christians really have eyes to read the bible when it clearly stated that there is no savior except one n only true God. (Isaiah 43:10-11)
    I quote: Ye are my witness say the Lord, n my servant whom i. have chosen: that ye may know n believe me that i am He, before me there was no God form neither shall their be after me, i even i am the Lord beside me there is No SAVIOR.
    Sorry sylvester stalone. U̶̲̥̅̊ need to seek else were for a savior and that place is Islam. The total submission to One n only true God (Allah) the one worthy o̶̷̩̥̊͡ƒ worship.

    • Please. Deedat, be reminded that you can not quote and make sense what you do not know. It requires that, you have the Good Spirit that reveals hidden truths to do that. The Holy Bible can not be comprehended without the Good Spirit (Holy Spirit)

    • You missed it, God the Father saved the world through Jesus Christ because without Jesus Christ, there is no way to Father in Heaven’ I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND LIFE, NO MAN COME TO FATHER BUT BY ME SAYS JESUS'( JOHN14:6). So i know that one day you will come out to confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

  25. Sly,u are welcome to the real and new life. This is where u rightfully belong. I pray u find shalom. Enjoy ur new life in Christ Jesus!

  26. Great news, May the name of the LORD be praised. May the Good Lord grand him the graces and virtues on his journey to Salvation.

    Thank you Jesus.

  27. deedat or wot ever stupid name you bear,yu and yusuf or wotever hell is yur home..immagine you mentioning dat violent religion of yours..dnt worry,ur brodas boko haram will boko yu all very soon

  28. God doesn’t exist, there are thousands of religions, what makes this one right? I am complete atheist whereas Christians (if that is the religion he has ‘signed up for’) only believe in one more than me. If anything Christians are almost as atheist as me, they don’t belive in all the religions I don’t to believe in except one.

  29. Capito!Stallone.I thank God 4 dat decision u took in accepting the Lord.may d Lord keep and preserve u in Jesus name.I share d joy wit u.


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