Teenager Arrested For The Rape Of a 93-Year-Old Woman



Anderson police say they have detained 17-year-old Iquise Taylor in connection to the rape of a 93-year-old woman.

Joel Sandefur, spokesman for the Anderson Police Department, said Friday that Iquise Taylor, is at the county juvenile center. He has not been arrested or formally charged.

Police said the elderly woman was raped and beaten in her house in the 3600 block of Hamilton Place in Anderson. The intruder, police said, forced his way through the door while the woman was sleeping. The woman, who lives alone, called a family member after the intruder fled. The incident happened July 16.

Sandefur called the crime “heinous,” adding that the woman had several bruises on her face. Nothing was stolen from the home, he said, indicating the motive was not robbery. He said police were able to connect the boy to the crime “based on evidence that we’ve developed.”

Sandefur declined to share further information until a press conference on Monday.



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