Singer Kenny St. Brown: “I am a cute girl, I still think of getting married”


Gospel Singer Kenny St. Brown is one of those entertainers in the industry that has experienced marriage break ups.

She is now known as Kenny St Best and in a one on one interview, the singer was asked how she has been coping with her kids (after the break up with her ex-husband) and if she will be willing to try her hands in marriage again.

Read her reply below: –

I am not a single mother; I am a single parent. A single mother gets the bill taken care of while a single parent plays the role of a father and a mother while still picking up the bills. It has been a tough job anyway. I enjoy it, as I said earlier, and it is really a lovely experience being a mother because it is just the three of us….I am a cute girl and still feel cute inside. I still think of getting married. Yes I will; most definitely…


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