Senior Libya Policeman Wounded In Bomb Attack

A senior police officer has been seriously wounded in an overnight bomb attack in Libya’s restive city of Benghazi.

The blast is the latest in a string of attacks on members of the security forces and judiciary in eastern Libya.

“Colonel Faouzi al-Oujli was critically injured when an explosive device placed in his car went off,” said the city’s security spokesman, Colonel Mohamed al-Hijazi on Saturday.

He said the officer had been returning to Benghazi from the southern city of Sabha to visit his family when the blast happened.

“The same method was used as in other attacks on members of the security forces – a home-made bomb planted in the car,” Hijazi said.

“These attacks are well-planned and systematic and show that police and army officers are under surveillance.”

Security forces also arrested two men for firing at a military patrol in Benghazi on Saturday, a commander in Libya’s special forces told AFP.


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