Relationships – Top 8 Mistakes Married Women Make in Bed

images (6)Sex is a beautiful experience in marriage and both the partners should enjoy it. However, if you are not satisfied with the experience then maybe you need to look into the matter. It may not necessarily be your spouse’s fault,maybe there’s something you are not adding to make it more eventful. Try and rethink about all your acts in bed before you draw a conclusion or start with your blame game.

1. Are you responsive?
Are you too quiet or less responsive to his gestures or movements? Maybe you should reciprocate to let him know how it feels. It’s good to let him do his thing, but he will enjoy and make it even more enjoyable for you if you are a bit responsive to his approaches, so the next time he comes around, don’t be quiet.

2. Do u make him feel wanted?
Every partner wants to feel wanted so if you do not do anything then he may be put off completely. Try to tease a little with your hand movements or simply run your fingers gently through his hair to heighten his drive and to make him feel escalated.

3. Are you too shy?
Many women are not comfortable about their body and feel embarrassed when the lights are on. You don’t wish to strip before him as you are too shy. This is the biggest turn off. Shun this inhibition and see your man make fun in bed.

4.Do you lie?
You may not like his moves at all and tell him lies about how you are enjoying it. Stop this and be straight forward with him, but in a subtle manner of course. Sort out some new positions through joint discussions, dig for some in the sex book or find out from the all-knowing geek (Google) and take pleasure in your sessions together.

5. Are you being too calculative?
It’s not just a process for making babies, and even if it is you will enjoy it more if it’s out of love rather than ‘let’s do it’. Be innovative and experiment to make it a fun filled experience.

6. Is it on the bed always?
Not just new positions try new areas to reignite the fire. It may not be on your bed always, try it on a sofa or a kitchen bench top, or may be the bath tub! Add new twists and fun elements in your sex life.

7. Too much foreplay?
Women often tend to go for a lot of foreplay and little of main activity as some may consider it awkward. Break the barrier and progress. Too much foreplay might be putting your partner to sleep or at least to his libido for sure.

8. Too much of anything is not good
Avoid moaning even when he is not that interested in doing it. It might be annoying him. Avoid that melodrama and save it for the actual part.

Remember communication is important and it solves all problems including those in bed. Try and sort out the differences by discussing about new ways of rekindling that lost fire in your life. Rectify things before it’s too late


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