PHOTOS: Father, Son Missing for 40 Years Found In Forest

A father and son have been found living in the jungle of Vietnam four decades after they went missing during the country’s war with the U.S.article-2386849-1b3330f5000005dc-15_634x861

Ho Van Thanh and his son Ho Van Lang apparently fled their home village 40 years ago after a bomb killed three members of their family.

They were discovered by locals looking for firewood in deep forest in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province.


Yesterday authorities confirmed that the men were Thanh, 82, and 41-year-old Lang.

The older man once lived a normal life with his family in the hamlet of Tra Kem around the time of the Vietnam War.


But one day his wife and two of his sons were killed by a mine explosion, putting him in a state of shock.

He took his two-year-old son and fled into the jungle, where they live in a tree house, thereafter never having any contact with anyone else.



The pair survived by foraging fruit and cassava from the forest and planting corn.

They wore loincloths made out of tree bark, and lived in a timber hut raised five metres above the ground.


When the foragers saw the two ‘jungle men’ from a distance acting abnormally, they alerted local authorities.

Officials set up a team to track them down, and found them yesterday after a five-hour search.

The father could speak a little of the minority Cor language, but the son knew only a few words.

The pair are now undergoing medical check-ups as a first step to being reintegrated into mainstream society.


  1. This is astonishing, but interesting to discern. Meanwhile, l suggest both should be encouraged to fully narrate what it entails to live in the jungle for such a massive years, possibly after the have undergone full medication…this can be turned into movies/documentaries for reference purposes…Gov’t and individuals should strive at their full rehabilitation…


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