Patience Jonathan Shuns Rivers Deputy Gov, State Officials On Port Harcourt Arrival


Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan stunned the Rivers State government on Sunday as she shunned officials of the state who had gone to receive her on arrival at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa.

According to reports, officials of the state government led by the Deputy Governor, Mr. Tele Ikuru, who had gone to receive Mrs. Jonathan at the airport, were not allowed access to the first lady.

The presidency was said to have previously communicated the state government on the planned three-day visit of the first lady to the state, adding that it was in response to this that the government made the necessary arrangements to receive her.

“Since the governor was out of town, the deputy governor had to lead a team of government officials, including the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) and commissioners, to receive her. But on getting to the airport, the team was not even allowed to get near the first lady.

“It was a military man, a lieutenant colonel, who approached them and told the team that they had directives from the presidency that they should not be allowed near the first lady. It was the wife of the Bayelsa State governor who was allowed to receive her,” a source revealed.

Sources also said security had been beefed up around her private residence at Bauchi Road, Old GRA, Port Harcourt, with security operatives setting up barricades around the vicinity.

The new development shows the feud between the Presidency and the Rivers State Government may not be over yet.


  1. Big fools.The presidency kip making itsef 2 look stupid in d eyez of d international communities.GEJ is allowing his wife 2 make him behave like a robber.She shud hv it @ d back of her ears dat she won’t b first lady 4eva n she will still has 2 go back 2 her pple likewise d governor Rotimi.She better behave responsible n allow peace 2 reign in River State and develop more in learning how 2 speak english.we pray 2 c 2015 wen GEJ will b shown d way exist door. illiteracy is a big sicknezz

  2. It was Eve dt gave Adam evil apple 2 eat, n wen he ate, he bcame an enemy 2 God. GEJ, bware of d evil apple of ur wife 4 it cn take u in2 a dust bin. Patience, u’ve caused alot of havoc in Rivers as if is nt ur home. Do u tink ure goin 2 b 1st lady forever? Emulate Turai Yaradua n oda 1st ladies dt were b4 u, is dt hw dey cause crises in der state or zones? The security personnels surroundin u in Rivers shows dt u ve bought Mr Mbu wit a pin nut. Ure a disgrace 2 first ladies folks.

  3. Dats really not gud, what example ar de showing 2 d future generation, what is wrong if she is welcomed by officials of d state in which she wants 2 visit… Let her go back 2 were she is coming 4rm we don’t need her.

    • Its pple like u dat keep welcoming evil in this world, How can the first Lady of Bayelsa wil reciev President’s wife in Rivers and wen she visits bayelsa who wil den welcom her? Rubish leadership I hope this is a breath of fresh air they promised us, a nations first lady 4 dat matter.

  4. Dear 1st Lady with all due respect if you have projected peace for some time now,i think it’s high time u act it.We want the best of Nigeria as God help us.

  5. What do one expect ignorant being in leadership position? Despite the another chance given to her by God to repent. I pity their future

  6. Why doing this to your son’s representatives? Mummy u said it that this power is not 4ever… Men of God has intervened,draw your son nearer before he is been devoured by lion.Be good mummy.

  7. She is the most confused illiterate East of The Niger.Being The President’s wife doesn’t mean she is useful to Nigerians.This visit should have been an opportunity for her to settle whatever needs to be settle,but she chosed to died while she is alive.Shameless pig.khai khai wowan.

  8. There is a sayin that a woman controls home no matter wat happen, if Mr. President is not in gud terms wit River’s Gov, what is her efforts 2 reconcile them? Play the role of a mother let Nigeria see na.

  9. You all have all spoken well to your own views but mind you the words you guys used doesn’t show any sign of peace and respect for your leaders. Every one keep blaming the Presidency for any evil thing that happens to Rivers State even when its been caused by Gov CRA or Rivers state Govt. Let’s always preach peace to those battling each other. I still can’t remember the day Gov CRA and others have ever spoken abt peace in the state rather selfish conditions to their head without peace involved in it. Let’s be positive always.

  10. Not caring whose ox is gored, the president & his wife are an embarrassment to the ijaw people & Nigeria as a whole. This nation needs the best of personalities in government. Sincerely speaking, Jonathan & his wife do not deserve another four years at the helm of the nations affairs.


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