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Nigeria: Away With the Gay Lobby!



The recent disclosure by the foreign affairs minister, Olugbenga Ashiru, that the Nigerian government was being pressurised to legalise gay marriage in the country was not surprising to those who had been following the well-funded global gay lobby in the last couple of years.

no-gay-marriage-rightsThe movement for the legalisation of same-sex marriage has become so powerful in western countries that it is now a prime campaign issue. Elections could be won or lost depending on the position of candidates on homosexuality and lesbianism.

While we concede that every society has the right to determine what constitutes propriety within its borders, we insist that no less an understanding should be extended to the African culture, especially in the context of sexual and marital relations.

Although there are variants within the broad tableau of what is generally referred to as African culture, there is general consensus that sexual relations and marriage should be between two people of different sexes. Whereas polygamy is outlawed in many western societies, it is the norm in most parts of Africa. Indeed, the practice of one man taking several wives is so rife in Africa that aspects of western religious injunctions had to be domesticated in some cases to accommodate adherents who otherwise would have been kept out of the new faith. Africa has not insisted that the laws of western nations be amended to accommodate polygamy. If that is not their culture, it is their right to hold on to the traditions of their forebears.

The point needs to be stressed to western leaders and their do-good acolytes that homosexuality and lesbianism are simply not acceptable in African societies. That is not being judgemental. Unlike in some other parts of the world, it is impossible to imagine the family of two men rolling out the marital drums in Africa.

On the religious plane, the three dominant religions in Africa are the African Traditional Religion, Christianity and Islam. None of them endorses gay marriage. Our cultural mores abhor the concept. Since our laws are reflective of our shared values, it is inconceivable that we shall someday smuggle conjugal union between two people of the same sex into our statute books. We do not agree with squint-eyed lobbyists who tend to link the gay phenomenon with “civilisation”. Whose civilisation?

Africa has enough problems of its own; it doesn’t need to import other people’s peccadilloes and strange liaison to compound its basic problems of bad governance which has largely been responsible for the triune evils of poverty, ignorance and disease. The Nigerian government, especially the federal legislature, must therefore be commended for standing by what is right in the African context. The seed of same-sex marriage may germinate and thrive in western nations. Not in Africa. And certainly not in Nigeria.

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  1. Obasi paschalin

    August 1, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Honestly, if the federal legislature should stand firm to this unhearable act, i wil be glad and very proud of them. We are responsible nation not irresponsible. So that approval should not be granted in all ramification please.

  2. kizim

    August 1, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    If I have nothing to boast of my country now when I die, at least I will boast of the firmness of my government in holding and upholding tenaciously the true pride of Africa. I pray my government will never bend low in this regard.

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Cleric Warns Bobrisky, Reveals When He Will Die (Video)



Popular Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky has been told to change his ways as he has just few years to live before he dies.

Islamic cleric, Hammed Ademola who claimed that Bobrisky’s money is from the devil said the crossdresser has about 3 years before he dies.

He further added that Bobrisky’s friends would soon have problems in their lives, which is a consequence of befriending an evil.

Ademola also said that Bobrisky would soon have regrets for going under a knife to be transformed from a man to a woman.

Recall that she recently issued a warning to all crossdressers to not think of taking her throne because she is the queen of crossdressers.

Watch the video below:

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Dead Man Made To Sit On A Chair At His Own Funeral (Photos + Video)



In what will come across as a really startling development, a dead man has been made to sit at his own funeral.

According to Trinidad Express, the dead man was embalmed into a sitting position, placed in the tray of a hearse and given an open-air last ride past the Office of the Prime Minister on the way to his funeral.

Dressed in a suit and in a chair, murdered Che Lewis was placed in the back of a pick-up van by Dennie’s Funeral Home and driven around Port of Spain on Wednesday.

Witnesses and social media users were stunned.

TTPS Road Safety Co-ordinator Brent Batson told Express via a What’s App message that the funeral home’s manner of transporting the deceased will be investigated.

The dead man was made to sit on a chair at his funeral

Batson said, “The TTPS is disappointed in the reckless behavior engaged in by a funeral home being circulated on social media whereby persons were seen seated in the vehicle tray seemingly as part of a funeral procession. Carrying persons in a dangerous manner is an offence Regulation 38 Rule 17 of the Motor Vehicle Road Traffic Act (MVRTA) with a $1,000 penalty and the TTPS will be continuing investigation into funeral company’s conduct on the road.”

Several videos of the ‘last ride’ were posted on social media, with many commenting that this was “proof that Trinidad is not a real place”, while others said they idea was only novel in Trinidad but was done in other countries.

Lewis, 29, and his father Adlay Lewis, 49, were shot and killed on November 15 at their home at First Trace, Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin.

His funeral was streamed live on social media, but not all the viewers were aware that the man sitting at the entrance to the church was the deceased.

There was also a question as to why he was not wearing a mask.

The funeral home informed that because of the “unique funeral, the church was astonished and refused the entrance of Che”.

Following the funeral service at the St John The Evangelist R.C Church at Church Street, Diego Martin the bodies of father and son were interred the St John The Evangelist Cemetery.

The funeral home also intends introducing a new form of body disposal to Trinidad and Tobago.

It is know as alkaline hydrolysis, a process for the disposal of human and pet remains using lye and heat.

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Shebi You Have Your Own Life, Why Can’t You Mind Your Own Business – Bobrisky Slams Critics



Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has slammed those trying to advise her on how she’s living her life asking them to mind their business.

According to her, in this era of the new world, no one tells anyone how to live their lives not to talk of a 29yrs old like hers who is living her life as she wants.

Adding that those trying to advise her all have their own lives to live therefore they should mind their own business and stop trying to advise her.

At this rate, it’s obvious Bobrisky is not ready to listen to any advice from anyone on how to live her own life as he’s now a big boy at 29.

screenshot below;

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