Lady Gaga Goes On A Date In Transparent Bodysuit Over A Black Bra & Thong

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When it comes to fashion, Lady Gaga keeps pushing the limits.

Her recent display of her normal crazy fashion sense is this – The super pop sensation went on a date with her boyfriend actor Taylor Kinney a few days back in LA.

The photos you see above are pictures of what Lady Gaga wore *sighs*



  1. The holy prophet, Mohammed s.a.w says in one of his hadith/saying when the hour of judgement reach you will see women walking naked and this lady gaga has prove it. May God forgives her and mind her that one day death must pay a visit.

  2. Lady gaga or whatever she called herself,she is nothing but a disgrace to womanhood. Is beta her family take her to Aro for beta treatment before she turns to something else.

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  4. and dey call it fashion. Woe to dose who see their souls unkwoningly by listening to de so called illunimati members’ music… Indeed, de end is near… Nakedness in public, allowed and called fashion? What say can I when even in churches, u can almost see dat and pastors esp my pastor isnt against it… Indescency is highest among christians… Pastors what have u turned our churches into? I go soon dey remain for my house self

  5. when muslim ladies dress covered, mouth go still run shouting ‘hey, dis cover is too much’. U are either covered or exposed. Their is no midway between cover and uncover… Now again, lady gaga is too exposed… Hehehehehe… End time as my dear Prophet prophecised dat ladies will walk naked on street. Let islam stand tall and westernization bend as my mallam do say… No one can look immoral in de body if at heart he/she is morally alright…

  6. Illuminati trying to capture members for devil, all her demonic music ia heading in same direction for the same purpose.


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