Kenyan Men Agree To Share ‘Wife’

Two Kenyan men have signed a written contract to “marry” the same woman, reports say. The woman had been having affairs with both men and refused to choose between them.


The agreement sets out a rota for the men to stay in her house and states they will both help raise any children she bears.

Lawyers said their “marriage” would be legally recognised if they could prove polyandry was part of their custom.

Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani made the deal after realising they had both been having an affair with the woman in Mombasa County for more than four years, the local Daily Nation newspaper reports.

Community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahman persuaded the two men to marry the woman after he saw them fighting over her, it reports.

“We have agreed that from today we will not threaten or have jealous feelings because of our wife, who says she’s not ready to let go of any of us,” the agreement says, Kenya’s NTV station reports.

“Each one will respect the day set aside for him. We agree to love each other and live peacefully. No-one has forced us to make this agreement,” it adds.

Mr Mwenda said her parents had given their blessing, while he is planning to pay the bride price.


  1. Is something abomination about the both men married one m woman as sharing partiner which is out of sense and sabotage our image as a men and also useless human being as well

  2. grave marriage is the worst marriage. these two men can they keep this marriage. what will they tell their children in nearest future. evil of the last age. marriage is not boy and girl friend issuce. is a life time union caution is needed.


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