Irate Mob Sets Police Sergeant’s Son On Fire Over Robbery


A 22-year-old son of a retired Police Sergeant, Terfa Adim, of Mbaketsa Council Ward of Shangevya district, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, was at the weekend burnt to death by an irate mob over suspected armed robbery.

The deceased, alongside two other members of the gang, had on Sunday, robbed one Michael Hwande of Mbakertsa, of the same district, after firing several gun shots into the air to scare residents before breaking into the house of their victim, witnesses said.

“But as God would have it, the leader of the gang,Terfa, who mounted guard at the door with a gun while the others were carrying out the operation, was attacked by a courageous neighbour who disarmed him with a knife.

“Sensing danger the two others took to their heels and escaped before members of the vigilante group in the area would arrive the scene,” an eyewitness said.

No statement has been released by the Benue State Police command on the incident, but sources say the police have visited the scene of the incident.


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