‘I Only Did It 4 Times’ – Gay Pastor Goes To Jail

A magistrate court has ordered that Pastor Philip Ogbebor, Founder and General Overseer of a Pentecostal Church in Benin City, be remanded at the Federal Medium Security Prison, Oko for allegedly having carnal knowledge of a 20-year-old male member of his church and administering secret oaths on him, including; threatening to kill him if he told anyone.

gay-pastorogbeborSurprisingly, the randy pastor of Breakthrough Ministries, Owina Street, off  Sakponba road  Benin city, neither denied the allegation of homosexuality levelled against him by the parents of one of his victims nor blamed the devil as many culprits will do. Instead, he said, “I am only passing through temptation. I only did it four times with the man who is 22 years old and a regular member of my church. I can’t claim that  it was the devil’s influence , let God decide my case.”

However, the 42 year old randy pastor has been arraigned before a Magistrate court in Benin city on a  charge bordering on  indecent assault contrary to Sections 214(1) and 353 of the constitution respectively.

The Magistrate was said to have ordered his detention at the Oko medium security prison in the state capital pending the commencement of trial.

He faces a 14-year jail term, if found guilty by the court.


  1. Pastor again!!! why all the disgraceful act for God sake ? If a pastor is not sleeping with a church member’s wife, he is sleeping with a fellow man or with a dog or chicken aba, this is getting out of hand.

  2. Hmmm, it soo funny when dey did not knw what is call Al-quran dat is why dey miss behave, my advice to dem is dey shld move closer to Al-quran the kind of bonk.

  3. Oh God!..Dis stupidity & animality was not in our character,culture, neither our religion.There is no any world religion dat encouraged this stupidity but some group of people try to obligate these unwanted acts(loathesome) as well as a great sin in the side of God.A so called man of God 4 that matter,May God have mercy on us…We have 2 repent now,4 d judgement is ahead of us…

    • @ Mohammed, what brought the can president into this matter? Are you trying to say that Boko Harams are Muslims which CAN president faulted? If u don’t have anything to contribute, better shut your trap. Imagine because of this devilish religion we call Islam, it has given birth to deadly terrorist groups all over the world. Shame on Islam.

      • This are the kind of issues that the CAN president needs to focus on idiot. He is busy making so much noise like a frog

        • Not only pastors but also imans. Being a church member or pastor, mosque member or iman does not make you a child of God. Depending on the god you worship wherever, the God who created me and you is no more in any church or mosque. The god that is today worshiped in churches or mosques etc is satan that lawless one with all powers,signs and lying wonders, Thessolonians 2:3-4 & 9.
          So don’t be surprised in what the devil is using its worshipers in churches, mosques etc to do whether in killings,sodomy,rape,politics,same sex marriages or humane/ beast marriages etc. It is the time, search for your true God and worship Him in truth and spirit.

      • So called CHRISTIANITY….. a fucking as hole religion…… People dat specialize in oll sorts of crimes… Cheating n deceiving d young ones by calling themselfes sons of God,, men of God…
        A religion in whch it leaders masters adultery.. Homosexuality, rapes, as well as child abuses…..

      • So called CHRISTIANITY….. a fucking as hole religion…… People dat specialize in oll sorts of crimes… Cheating n deceiving d young ones by calling themselfes sons of God,, men of God…
        A religion in whch it leaders masters adultery.. Homosexuality, rapes, as well as child abuses…..
        WHAT A DIRTY RELIGION… MTSWW. ( A pastor in da act of HOMOSEXUALITY…..— wat a disgrace,,)

  4. we are on the heighest point of the temple, we should pray hard so that we would not be drown in the flood of the outside world. May christ save our soul.

  5. Mohammed u are very very like that. Idiot, mumu, coward, stupit, monkey, infact hea got have better brain and understanding than you.

  6. Why pastors all the times?I wonder how a man of god will turn his ears dumb,eyes shut from the words of that same god he claims to belong to.christianity or pastors?Which one are going to follow?Over to you xtians.

  7. Albishiri,you and your like are the ones promoting religious conflict in this country.how can you call other people’s religion devilish when in your own religion a pastor can have carnal knowledge of a boy which is against the order of the nature and confess that he neither denies nor regret his actions.you need to learn how to address issues like this.Stop the insults for the retaliation will not feel good.

  8. this is the sign of endtime that evil things wil be happening imagine people that suppose to lead the people to the right path what a shall a perilous time where people are perishing GOD save ur children cause u know those that are yours lets put everything in prayer

    • @Jibril, I don’t know if that’s your true name, but did you read the content of the message before commenting and do you know that under the Nigeria law he is going to spend 14 years in prison if found guilty?.
      Please stop patronizing anyone here and be sincere in your comments. The guy committed Sodomy & he must face the charges period.

  9. Xtians i think dis s d right time 2 wake up and look into your religion and ur leaders so as not to b decieved by d devil or by ur leaders . Com and and worship with us as muslims and u will b highly welcomed . Can contact me at :[email protected]

  10. this has nothing to do with religion but self discipline. The Muslims who are committing d fallacy of hasty generalization.; because a useless idiot who is suffering from lack of self or libido control does not give any idiot calling himself a Muslim d audacity to criticize d christians. What abt d muslims who indulge in d same act. What abt muslim who have sharp sharp sex in d Bush, uncompleted building without even undressing for d fear of being caught. pls if don’t knw how n what to comment on social documentation pls shut ur buccal cavity. thanx

  11. @dan tsoho,it is not good 4 u 2 hold xtianity liable 4 d act of ds shameless pastors.though am not a xtian,am sure sodomy is not permitted in bible.pls respect other’s belief so that urs will be respected.

  12. my advice is dat pple shld be very careful were they fellowship, 2 avoid dis scandals go 2 a known church where they preach d doctrine dats CATHOLIC CHURCH

  13. Pls n pls my pple, stop critizising religions, their re many different evil acts in all religions, no religion is perfect. Pls just do GOOD in all u do in life. May GOD help us all.

  14. When will people realise that any idiot practising his evil can name himself a pastor. Pastors are men of God. Will man of God f*ck anyone’s ass? No way!!! This people are not christians. Christians won’t do such sinful act. This is an ordinary man calling himself a pastor. Lets use our brains and stop this foolish mentality of believing any fool who parades himself as a pastor.

  15. Every religion has its own,dnt say bcos some muslims bombed an area or bcos a pastor commits sodomy generalize everyone to b d same,be intelligent with ur comments afterall we don’t knw wht everyone of u does in secret,u might be worse


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