Gay Thug Brutally Rapes A Man’s 12-Year-Old brother, Claims The Rape Was PAYMENT For A DEBT


Devin Pugh was arrested and is currently in jail for abducting a 12 year old boy and raping him all because the boy’s older brother owed him money.  Hopefully, when his fellow prisoners find out what his charge is they deliver some much needed karma to this man.

A 20-year-old man remains in jail on $400,000 bail after he was accused of sexually assaulting a boy in May.

Devin Antoine Pugh, who has no known address, was arrested after allegedly raping the boy and forcing him to perform oral sex on May 25. Pugh, who was familiar with the boy, faces accusations of sexual assault of a victim over the age of 12 years old and lewd and lascivious behavior on a victim between 12 and 16 years old.

According to an arrest report, Pugh picked up the boy at his home in Riviera Beach and told the boy “that his brother owed him money and that he was going to have to pay for his brother.”

Pugh drove the boy to an apartment complex on the 2300 block of Avenue S where the assault took place. Pugh threatened the boy by saying, “If you don’t do this, I will find you. You can’t run. You will die and your brother will die.”

The boy told police the assault lasted for 5 minutes before Pugh drove him home. The boy said he did not try to run away during the assault because he knew that Pugh owned a gun and “was in fear of his and his family’s life.”

On May 26, the boy informed an unidentified person of the assault and police were notified.

The boy directed police to the field where he said he was assaulted. Investigators gathered evidence there.

Pugh, who was on supervised probation for carrying a concealed firearm, was arrested on Sunday.




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