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FERRET: Similarity between websites and the Nigerian Police




The glory of the internet , unlike what many believe, is not in the socialising, nor in the cash flow many big online companies make from it, but from the fusion of both.

To many in the growing economies of the world, what turns their world around is simply getting to use the net to kick boredom and self pity into oblivion; to others in the developed world the internet is an artificial arab world where real money don’t look real until properly passed through the fire of hosting and mounting up real things that could attract the big money spenders of the world.

It is an old story to start narrating what websites all over the world make from websites made with little or no time, but in order to understand what spins the wheel, one needs to go back and see the balance that is said to be taking place in this new world called the INTERNET.

Believe it or not, the web has become a new planet, and many wake up daily building new houses in this paranormal new world. While some take time and energy to erect wonderful buildings in this world, others rent houses and stay latent till they grow old and later notice the fission happen live.

Enough of speaking in the alien language, even though it’s important for the understanding of this new dimension sucking up this mundane element we so much cherish. As a matter of fact we can categotrically say many young folks alive today have started PORTING to this new world, forgetting the world in hand is always better than the one in the air.

Talking about metaphors, houses like Vanguard and Punch decided going online was a good move to help expand the reach of their daily news, only to realise few years after, that they could make half as much as they make in real life, on air. Presently they would not lie to us that what they make online isn’t significant in the revenue of the company. These are real houses that started raking in the big flakes by deciding to ease the stress of the youths by taking information to them by air.

So many other websites came up after seeing this and they, just like the former, spent so much in keeping these sites up for a very long time. Good case studies, e.t.c

If you were expecting me to continue that list up there you should be regarded as an internet clown.

So many people connect their systems to the net and enjoy the internet facilities, crucifying so many errors they see on a daily basis not minding what these guys are facing in keeping the websites up for as long as they can until one day you just see a website down and the next thing you notice is that you switch to a new website and the cycle continues.

Leaving the newspaper owned websites, an average Nigeian website goes through the following before standing straight:


The truth is it takes more than what I just stated but believe me, this is the basic. All these processes take time, money and energy.

No matter how much money is spent on a website, there is always a similarity to the Nigerian police, and that is something must arrest you, and you are most likely not going to be free, until you have seen every aspect of the station, except you are highly connected to another website.


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The wicked shall not go unpunished – Oyedepo tells hoodlums looting, vandalizing properties



The wicked shall not go unpunished - Oyedepo tells hoodlums vandalizing properties

General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has reacted to the ongoing vandalization and looting of government and private properties by hoodlums in the country.

Oyedepo declared that all the hoodlums taking undue advantage of the unrest in the country will not go unpunished.

The cleric made the declaration during his Sunday service on October 25.

The clergyman also prophesied that unrest in the country was over and that the peace of God has been restored back to the land.

“The sources of agitation will be wisely dealt with and favorably dealt with; the land shall rest again in the name of Jesus Christ.

“All the hoodlums who are taking advantage of this season, let hand be joined in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished.

“Innocent people on the streets going about their own cause and businesses, they were in their shops, the only business they have.

“CAUTION! You don’t have a double life, you have only one, you don’t have a spare. Caution! I bind all activities of the devil behind every form of unrest being inflicted by hoodlums in the name of Jesus,” he prayed.


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I have no plans of relocating, Laycon tells fan



I have no plans of relocating, Laycon tells fan

Laycon, winner of Big Brother Naija season 5 edition has made it known that he has no plans of relocating outside Nigeria, in spite of all that is embroiling in the country.

His statement comes after one of his Icon fans expressed that few of the ex-housemates are planning to relocate outside the country, asking what Laycon plans on doing.

Laycon, thereafter, restated his love and commitment to his fans, adding that for him to leave the country, he would have to go with all his fans.



The fan identified as Amara wrote on Twitter:

“Vee, Neo, Nengi, Ozo dey plan japaa, only Laycon still dey write motivational tweets. @itsLaycon which way na?!”

In response, he tweeted:

“If I wan japa, I gats carry all my icons with me… So until that one dey possible, I dey here with Una.”

See post below:

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Untrained soldier flogs woman at ATM stand for telling him to join the queue



Untrained soldier flogs woman at ATM stand for telling him to join the queue

A Nigerian lady, Ada-oma, has take to social media to recount her experience in the hands of a soldier with the Nigerian Army.

According to her, she was at an ATM machine of the UBA branch at Oshodi area of Lagos when a soldier  approched her, flouting the the rules of an existing queue.

The said soldier reportled assaulted Ada-Oma after she asked the uniform man to join the queue.



Taking to Twitter, she wrote,

“Hello Nigerians, I was just assaulted by an army official this morning 26/10/2020 at the ATM stand of @UBAGroup at their oshodi branch. i’m still shaking and crying as i write this because i have never felt this way in my entire life.

“I’m also scared writing this because he Threatened me. so my Life is your hands Nigerians.
I was on the ATM queue and this @NigerianArmy official asked me to move so he can pass, i asked him if he was on the queue that there is a queue, he asked me to move,i moved and continued asking him if he was on the queue, he flared up as you will see in the video below, and before i knew what happened he brought out his belt and hit me.

“This happened at your branch in oshodi and your security men were there. He hit me!!!!! I literally cried my way to the office. I never insulted him.

“Only asked if he was on the queue and he got angry and furious and violent. He threatened to make me bleed blood, in my own country because i asked if he was on the queue.I want justice.”

Watch the videos below:

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