[Advice Needed] Should I Tell My Boyfriend That I Want Him Back?

Dear Tee,
My boyfriend asked for a break some months ago. And we did break up, although it was hard for me. Now, I miss him. We don’t stay in the same town, so I am planning to go to the town he stays and tell him that I want us back. Do you think this is advisable?


Dear Tgirl,
I understand you miss him so much and you really want to have him back, but then does he feel about you the same way? He was the one who asked for a break, remember? So, I feel he should be the one to come back and ask you for a re-union. This dude might have moved on with his life….. What if you go there and he pretends to you and all that, you continue with the relationship and after a while, he still asks you for another break? I think he should be the one to make the move, if he still wants you.
All the best,

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