[Advice Needed] She Gives More Attention To Her Blackberry Phone. What Should I Do?

images sad manDear Tee,
I don’t understand my girlfriend. She does not give me her attention when she is with me, she would be pinging with her blackberry phone. Also, she does not like to disclose the identity of any caller whenever she is with me. Also, when she goes out and I ask her what took her so long, she would get angry. What should I do?

Dear DD,
I think your partner deserves some level of freedom. Monitoring her calls and movements would not help matters, you are only telling her that you don’t trust her. If you don’t have any sign that she is cheating on you, don’t try to think she is. The only issue I have with her is that she gives her phone the attention she should give you. Let her know how you feel about this, she might not see it as a big deal if you don’t tell her. Communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship.
All the best,



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