[Advice Needed] I Am Engaged To My Fiance, But I Am Pregnant For Another Man! What Should I do?

Dear Tee,
I have been engaged for 2 years to my fiance who is a pastor. But I was dating one sugar daddy like that because of his money. He told me to give him kids, because his wife could not get pregnant. I refused, because I love my fiance, but we had unprotected sex and I got pregnant. I don’t know what to do! Should I abort the baby for the love of my fiance? Your urgent advice is needed.


Dear Anonymous,
I think you really made a big mistake by cheating on your fiance. I don’t think you love him as you claimed. Anyway, the deed is done already. First, do not abort the baby, it would only compound the issue. Keep your baby and be a responsible mother. You are living, give your child a chance to live! I think you should confess to your fiance about the whole thing. Tell him what happened. He would get hurt and mad at you, but he still deserves to know the truth. He might overlook your errors, who knows? But if he does not, you would not blame him.
All the best,
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  1. If u really need an advice, i will advice u 2 keep de baby cos u dnt luv ur fiance de way u said. Assuming u luv him, u wudnt hav cheated on him, so jst tel him the truth and go 4 the father of ur baby

  2. That’s an indecorous behaviour and inconstant.. Anyway that has been done and can never be undone, but all you have to do now is tell the guy everything. I know it will infuriate him but you really have no other choice, propitiate him and tell him that you love him but as it is you can never do so because of your condition…. Don’t abort the baby let him be part of this world for christ sake… And if the man wants you to marry him go ahead and make the child have a father…

  3. you don’t love fiance you love money. But it has happened. Don’t abort. Tell fiance if you love him. Than if he still want to marry you fine but if not good. But don’t abort d baby

  4. U are simply wicked. I asure u that any attempt of abortion will be suicide believe it or not. U really deserve whatever comes to u. It is called nemesis.

  5. Dat is very wicket of u. U hav fuck up. If i were dat ur guy i would neva hav anytin 2 do wit u. D oda man already hav a wife. U dnt hav a place. N if u abort dat bby GOD anger wil decend on u. shame on u.

  6. my sister u ve done a great mistake but it has happened,if i happen to be in ur shoe,i wld tell my fiance nd seek for his forgiveness nd go for d man if he wld want to marry me.

  7. cool down and rehearse everything to your so call fiance. A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. Let your child have a father a you probably have. Forget about pipe dreaming.

  8. Engagement is not marriage in most communities and does not amount to it. Pls, tell ur pastor fiancé to remind him that God did not answer his prayer for u becoming his wife. It is he who feels it, that knows what to do. For me, 2 wrongs cannot make a right.So ask God to forgive u for going to give birth out of wedlock and He is God of 2nd chance. It is well!

  9. Look,seeking for advice is useless becos you know what you are doing. 1) if realy you have been engaged, you will protect you relationship and not dating married men. 2) if realy you are engaged, you will not be pregnant for a married man instead being pregnantfor your fiance. See, you will surfer becos the man is married and can not marry you becos he loves his wife and what God has joined together,man must not divide. So if is your plan to divide what God has join becos the man hos money, then wait for the wrath of God.

  10. ha ha is nt good is a big mistake wat i cn tell u is dat seek 4 d 4giveness of ur fiance nd ask God to 4give u bt dont abort d baby

  11. I understand dat girls nadays are afta immediate situatn nt future minded.In additn,if she says she lvd d fiance is a lie bcos LOVE follows not MONEY.

  12. i dont think u love ur fiance,because of money,money is not evey thing.since u are pregnant for d man which means his ur husband.And tell ur fiance u are not intrested again,tell him what happen.

  13. Anyway,u dont hv choice it has happeinig what u need is 2 confess to yr fiance nd tell him the truth.nd make sure u keep d baby and take good care of yr self.

  14. U are to give advice not condemning d victim. Some of u ave done sometin bad dan dat. Confess to ur guy and keep ur baby bcos u don’t knw wot God is planning 4 dat unborn baby, don’t use ur mistake to spoil d baby’s life plssss. It is well and I believe God wil forgive u.lol

  15. I don’t think u r blind d time u were folown d man dat has money up n down, nw d result is out, pls jst stop saying u luv dat guy bcos u don’t luv him at al, u r jst playing game nw u hv goten wot u wnt den seeking whom 2 advice as if u don’t knw wot u r doing. If u try anytin (abortion), u wil never see gud in ur life, beta nt do dat. Hv u seen hw stupid u r tinkn abt abortion, if ur mum had aborted u would u hv b? Beta tel d guy d whole truth n let dat unborn b bcos u don’t knw wot 2moro is going 2 bear if u like listen or nt, thnks.

  16. Since your fiance is a man of God as you rightly said,I guess he might forgive you and continue with the relationship though the chances is very slim but a confession and genuine remorse will go a long way. Ask his opinion about the pregnacy before you decide…he might allow you to deliver the baby,hand it over to the man and you continue your relationship,its possible but you need to be very prayerful and ask for God forgiveness…

  17. my dear just pray is only pregnancy that HIV is not among, I believe u are not a baby how do u think that u can eat ur cake and still have it, don’t even try to abort the baby and tell the guy the truth, Just bear in mind that u are dealing with Pastor that the God he is serving neither slumber nor sleep. Tell him the truth he might forgive u meanwhile the man in question dose not have a child and u are talking of abortion, girl, don’t even try abortion cos u might not survive it beside u can still marry another Man after given birth may be both of u are not destined to be.

  18. Na wow 4 women o! I swear me don d fear o,,so hw person won carry know woman wey be better one na? If no be marraige woman cheating on her hussy,e go be pastor fiancé geting pregnant 4 sogar daddy,,d last one wey I read na bride carry belle 4 groom best man and best frnd! I beg,I wan go seminary school! Na d only solution be rev fada

  19. God make things beautiful at His own time……. My advice;Repent! Ask God for forgiveness and go and confess your deed to the so call fiance and let him decide on whatever he want. Never blame him for the outcome of this bcos u knew his financial status b4 u accept him. Let the innocent baby live….. bcos God is the one avenging here.

  20. @lovelybabe. Am so disappointed in u.d fact dat all av sin does justify evIl.evil is evil nd must be criticised to stop peeps 4rM perpetrating it.and 4 d lady,if u want god 2 4give u,open up 2 ur fiancee.failure 2 do dis,expect grevious consequences.abortion is not an option nd be prepared 2 lose ur fiancee cos I don’t see him acceptin u Back.gudluck cos josh don legend is gone 4 now. If u need more 31218FEC

  21. There is wat we call d law of karma wich has caught up wit u how can u say u luv ur fiance yet u nt contented wit wat he has or u felt bcos his a pastor he wuld just 4give u? U ar just a big mistake that has ever happened 2 womanhood an love go take a rope an hang ur self didnt u eva tot of d fact dat d pastor has a bright future patient is d key 2 wealth

  22. Well its a pity dat its apened dis way. Its better u open up 2 ur fiance n let him understand d type of luv u ave 4 him ealier as a fake one, let him knw dat u’ve bn hiden ursef under his umbrella engaging ursef in double game.
    As 4 d pregnancy, d baby has a lot 2 do in dis wrld, n any attempt 2 terminate its jorney 2 dis wrld may also terminate ur own lyf 2 or cause permanent injury(ies) 4 u 4lyf.


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