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2 British Nigerian Women Assaulted & Detained In China For 2 months




Two British Nigerian woman have been detained in China for more than two months after their dream holiday turned to nightmare.

Modupe Idowu, 59, and her friend Esther Jubril Badmos, 48, were arrested after becoming embroiled in a dispute at a shoe shop in the city of Guangzhou.

They were locked up in ‘hell-like’ conditions at a detention centre for 38 days and although they have now been released, the two women remain trapped in the country as their visas have expired and authorities refuse to issue them new ones.

Mrs Idowu’s desperate family said the two women’s ordeal began Ms Badmos asked the shop to amend an order she had lodged earlier in the trip.

She was then assaulted by two members of staff before both women went to a police station.
Mrs Idowu, from Islington, North London witnessed a vicious attack on her friend.
Daughter Sarah Murray said: ‘Although Esther tried to defend herself, she was pushed to the floor, kicked and beaten – and handfuls of her hair were ripped out.

‘A security guard locked them in a room and another man, who we think is the shop owner’s brother, came to the room and punched Esther.’

When they arrived at the police station their passports were seized and they were pressurised into signing paperwork they didn’t understand, before being flung into a cell overnight without food and moved to a detention centre the next day.

Ms Idowu, who is known as Mary, was put in a cell with six other women – forced to sleep on a wooden plank and go to the toilet in front of the other prisoners.

Her friend was taken to the centre’s hospital where she was treated for her injuries.
Meanwhile Mrs Idowu’s five children have struggled to find out any information about their mother – despite paying lawyers in China around £4,000 to find out – and two of them flew to the country to track her down at the end of July.

Both women were released on July 29 but since then have been met with an onslaught of demands including a £20,000 claim for damages from the shop owner, which was eventually settled with £4,500.
But their visas have now expired and they cannot be issued with new ones until police provide paperwork to show the charges had been dropped.
Despite endless visits to the police station, officers refuse to tell them when, and if, the documentation will be provided.

Mrs Murray said she barely recognised her mum when she saw her come out of prison.
‘When I saw her, I thought she looked like an old woman. She could not walk properly. She was so frail and so skinny as she had lost a couple of stone as she barely ate.’

Mrs Murray, who returned from China last week, added: ‘I can’t really put this experience into words. We are totally confused. It’s like watching a horror film.’
Her sister, Julie Idowu, 26 said: ‘Our pain is very real. I have been crying every day. I have taken a lot of time off work as I’m so worried about my mum.
‘Her health and mental state is a big concern as well as the fact that she has missed her operation.
‘It’s an injustice that my mum has been held for all this time for witnessing an assault on her friend.

Her other sister, Elizabeth Idowu, criticised lawyers, saying: ‘People are exploiting our despair. They are making money out of our continued suffering.’
A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokeswoman said they were aware of the situation and were providing assistance, but could not comment further and said it was a matter for the Chinese.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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#EndSARS: ‘Forces beyond my control shot at protesters in Lekki’, says Sanwo-Olu



Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has ordered an immediate investigation into the shootings at Lekki, hours after he imposed a curfew in the state.

Men dressed in military gear opened fire on unarmed protesters at the Lekki toll gate around 7pm on Tuesday, October 20, leaving many dead, injured and hospitalised.

The lights and security cameras were turned off before the shootings began.

Members of the Nigerian army pulled up on us and they started firing. They were shooting, they were firing straight at us and a lot of people got hit. I just barely survived,” says Akinbosola Ogunsanya, who was at the scene of the incident.

The protesters have been calling for an end to police brutality since October 4; and had blocked the Lekki-Epe toll gate, Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge and other major roads in Lagos, while staging sit-in, candle-lit processions for victims of police brutality.

The protests had turned violent and fatal in Lagos and across the country, however, with hoodlums hijacking the marches and burning down police stations for effect.

Sanwo-Olu announced a 24-hour curfew at noon of October 20 in a bid to curtail the violence and halt the anarchy.

The governor initially announced that the curfew would commence at 4pm. This was later moved to 9pm.

The men in military gear opened fire on the unarmed protesters two hours before the curfew was billed to kick off.

Reports say at least 10 people died during the shooting.

Sanwo-Olu, who said he never gave the order, added that he’s visited the scene of the incident and hospitals.

This is the toughest night of our lives as forces beyond our direct control have moved to make dark notes in our history, but we will face it and come out stronger,” the governor said.

I’ve just concluded visits to hospitals with victims of this unfortunate shooting incident at Lekki.

“It has taken me this long to make a statement because I have to prioritize the welfare of the victims of this very sad incident.”

Sanwo-Olu also said he’s going to address residents of the state formally at dawn.

There are currently 10 patients at the General Hospital, 11 at Reddington and 4 at Vedic; with mild to moderate levels of injuries while 2 are receiving intensive medical care.

“3 patients have been discharged and we will continue to monitor and ensure all patients get the best care.

“As the governor of our state, I recognize the buck stops at my table and I will work with the federal government to get to the root of this unfortunate incident and stabilise all security operations to protect the lives of our residents.

“I will give a state broadcast in the morning,” he added.

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Nigeria Police Shooting Live Rounds At Yaba, Lagos



Nigeria Police Shooting Live Rounds At Yaba, Lagos (Video)

Popular Nigeria Instagram comedian, Mr Macaroni just tweeted an ongoing shooting at Adekunle, Yaba in Lagos.

In the tweet, the twitter said the Nigeria Police are the ones shooting.

Watch Video below;

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Once you know who controls Toll Gate, who ordered the removal of CCTV, then you know who’s responsible for #LekkiMassacre – AY Comedian



Comedian, movie producer, actor, writer and entrepreneur Ayo Richard Makun fondly called AY has asked intelligent questions with links to who is responsible for the unlawful Lekki killings last night.

Recall that last night, October 20, Nigerian security men shot and killed some #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate.

Sequel to the above, Nigerians are now asking questions as to who masterminded the Lekki massacre?

Taking to Twitter, Comedian AY said once who controls toll gate, who ordered removal of CCTV from the toll gate is known, then the “who?” question becomes answered.

AY tweeted, “Who controls tollgate?
Who ordered for removal of light from the tollgate?
Who ordered the removal of cctv from the tollgate?
Once you know who has the authority over the above, you would know who was responsible for the shootings today. I am in my house come and kill me too”

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