Stalker: Rihanna planning on getting restraining order against Chris Brown


It has been revealed that pop singer Rihanna is seriously considering taking out a restraining order on her ex lover Chris Brown if he doesn’t cease from mentioning her name in interviews.

It’s no new knowledge that the former couple have cut all forms of communication between each other since their last break-up in May, but the R&B singer Chris Brown, has continued to bring up Rihanna’s name in interviews about his upcoming album.

About a week ago, Chris Brown had tweeted that he and Rihanna duet would be included in his new album “X” and Rihanna responded by going on Instagram to upload the message: – “B*tch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you b*tch”.

It seems Chris Brown didn’t get the message as he still continued to promote the track, even though it may not appear on his album.



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