She Is My Friend’s Fiancee, I Am In Love With Her! What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
I am in love with my friend’s girlfriend. Actually, she was my childhood friend…. And I have always adored her up till this moment even when we were miles apart. I was posted to another state for a job and I had to lodge in a friend’s apartment, he stays in the place I was posted to. And boom! I saw her in my friend’s house. I hugged her tight on seeing her, neva knew she is my friend’s girl until later that he gisted me about her. I can’t get her ‘outta’ my head. What should I do?


Dear Phil,
The girl is with your friend, I think you should respect that. Your friend would not appreciate you wanting his girl either. Please, let go and find another girl. You need to control whatever emotion you have towards this girl….. Its all about dealing with your mind.
Hope this helps,

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  1. Either you’ve know her since or not wons she have gotten another date, i dont think you have anything to do with her again. She isno more yours and more over knowing her does not means you dated her, if atall it happens you just set your eyes off her. Get your own gf


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