Ready To Walk Like A Lady? Read 5 Steps To Walk Graciously Here….


A beautiful walk is the sign of a graceful, poised woman. Start in your good posture stance and follow these steps:

1. Lift your thigh slightly. Don’t lead with your shoulders.

2. For a feminine walk, the space between your steps should be about the length of your foot. Too long a stride is masculine, too short is mincing.

3. On each step your heel should touch the floor first, then quickly shift the weight forward to the entire foot as you take the next step. Keep your feet close to the ground when you lift them.

4. Arms should hang relaxed at your sides with palms toward the thighs as they swing forward to the front of your body. Shoulders should be relaxed and elbows close to your sides.

5. Keep your toes pointed straight ahead and place your feet directly to the side of an imaginary line running down the center.

Clothes, make-up, jewellery…nothing makes an ordinary woman as beautiful as a proud carriage and a graceful presence. Practice your standing and walking in front of a mirror until your muscles learn the correct way to move.

Here are some examples of common walking and posture faults you should avoid. Are you moving like this?

1. The Sway Back – The tummy is thrust forward and the derriere back. The result makes the walker appear back heavy. She waddles and looks shorter, stockier, and awkward.

2. The Off-Balance – She carries too much weight on one side and rolls like a boat in a storm.

3. The Ungainly Stride – She galumphs with large steps, her torso and head behind.

4. The Bird – She walks with an out-thrust neck, sometimes looking down. She looks off balance.

5. The Bouncer – She rises on her toes and drops down on her heels. She moves forward with a rising and falling action, like a bunny hopping down the street.

Try noticing your posture and how you walk to day. Do you walk like a lady?

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