Peter Okoye Attacks Nigerian Senators Over Child Marriage Bill


Peter Okoye has lashed out at all the senators that voted for the rumored Child Marriage bill on his timeline with this tweet;

@peterPsquare: With all the problems we are facing in Nigeria… some mofos are talking child marriage. #Assholes 




  1. Let Nigerian come together and reject this monster that ha scripped into Nigerian through the senate to snatch our innocent girl children way from us.
    Law makers with evil and corrupt mind, how can this bunch make laws that will change Nigerian to the nation of our dream?
    God help Nigeria, I thought they were innocent when they passed 14 years jail sentence on GAY MARRIAGE. Our senate from the senate president, the president of the federal republic have disappointed us and God almighty will never spare them.

  2. we re livin in a country where prostitution,rape,insecurity, kidnapping,joblessness nd rituals have bcom a legal biz.Nobody cares 2 adress dis sensitive issues.we nw leave in a society where a girl of 8yrs knws wat sex is al abt much morethan her, wat re we talkin about? Dnt misunderstand dis argument, marriage is nt al abt sex..

  3. I want to ask Mr. Yerima how many of his daughters has he given out in marriage at the age of 6 to 10 years of age?.
    Mr. Yerima is NOT fit to be a senator or in the senate house at all, for him to have conceived this kind of ideas in the first place. Nigerian knows that unless a child is up to 18 years of age he or she cannot or will not be allowed to vote for leaders why would she be allowed to get married at the age below 18 years.

  4. It ll not work,because the Bible say the voice of the people is the voice of God, Has God’s people cry over this, it ll not work in Jesus name. The well be confusion among those who are pushing this art. We all should be playful because devil is using some of those men 2 make laws 2 the glory of devil,but I’m here 2 tel you that has child of God it ll not work for them in Jesus name. Because all glory,I mean all the glory most retuned to our God.

  5. I want to ask Shaibu Abdulkareem what he means by “marriage is not all about sex”. Is he now saying the children dat dese old men marry dont have sex with dem, they keep dem in their houses untill they become adults? Shaibu I grew up in the North and still live in the North, amongst dese people. I have friends and know of cases of child-marriage, u don’t want to know nor hear their ordeal. Besides, it’s a sin, mental torture and inhuman even to contemplate marrying a child into ur house and await her maturity….. for heaven’s sake, why are we humans so wickedly wicked?!!

  6. Allowing that bill to b passed will indicates also that girl child that is nt unda eighten kan b sent to jail if she komits crime,we Nigerians complain of over population,is this bill of unda age marriage nt a breeding ground for population explosions? medically speaking early marraige means early parturition which makes a girl child prone virgina fistula,finally is this not a motion to frustrat d move of gender equality? hw wicked most pple kan be

  7. There are ladies who are mature before 18. i think any body who want to give his daughter at a young age should be allowed-those against you are on your own.
    Homosexual,prostitute and other evil acts are becoming a normal thing.we are fighting marriage which God encourage and favouring some useless things.we see those regarded as child involve in illegal sex and giving birth around us.thats what some people want bc once she is married they wont hav that opportunity.

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  9. i was of the opinion that the Nigerian conStItution gurantee freedom of religion practice and freedom of speech, HOWEVER, people should be mindful of individual right to this freedoms and allow every person practice his religion.
    Hence it is not mandatory for all people, but if you like it, in yr religion, practice it, so when it said drink and dont be be drunk in some religion who force them not to or accept it accept, other religion dont believe it at all


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