”Nike Oshinowo Still Remains The Love Of My Life”- Ex-Husband Tunde Soleye


The multimillionaire medical doctor and businessman, whose marriage to former beauty queen and socialite Nike Oshinowo ended in 2012, tells Sunday Newswatch.

“Adenike still remains the love of my life. I love her very much. We have been separated now for over a year but we still keep in touch. We even sometimes go out for dinner. Marriages go though their challenges.

Nike got married at 41 years old so she has her ways but the things that separated us really are not irreparable. I have seen couples that broke up and made up after 35 years. Mr and Mrs Cardoso, Terry Wayas and Eno Olafisoye had about five, six years separation and they are back together.

It is not the first time Nike will be leaving me, and it will not be the last. It is only that this is the first time it will be reported.

Since we have been dating, we have parted ways for six good years. We started dating in 2000, in 2001 she ran away. In 2006, we came back together and got married in 2007.

My first wife has three children for me and they are 33, 31 and 26 and there’s a five year gap before Lauren had my 21 year old son. Lara had my 13 year old son and it was after Nike left me that I had my 10 year old boy with Omo.



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