Lady Gaga’s Sibling: Rihanna goes shopping in Monaco in just a swimsuit


Yesterday, I brought to you Lady Gaga’s half-naked stroll in New York city. The crazy fashion pop icon actually paraded the streets of New York in just a bra and skirt with heels.

Well, I guess it’s Rihanna’s turn.

Pop sensation Rihanna, 25, went shopping with a group of friends in Monaco on July 12. Instead of wearing normal clothes like every other person,  the star decided to wear her one-piece bathing suit and a sheer blouse.

Honestly it makes no sense to me, the only logic behind this is that all her clothes were stolen so she decided to put on the only thing she had left to go buy more clothes at the mall – but we both know that’s a lie!!!

Anyways, you go girl!!!



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