I Smell Beef: Paul Okoye not impressed with £1.2m Goûtdediamants champagne given to twin Peter Okoye




Ok, don’t judge me yet because i haven’t judged anybody yet. Do you smell resentment or am i the only one smelling it because nostrils just too big?!?

Anyway, Peter Okoye one-half of the group P-Square yesterday received a bottle of the infamous champagne worth well over N300m from luxury designer Alex Amosu; he quickly photographed himself holding the bottle and uploaded it on his social networks; obviously he was very impressed.

Now here is the problem, his other half Paul Okoye seem to be put-off by the hype surrounded the champagne. Just a couple of hours after Peter Okoye showed his trophy, Paul Okoye updated his Blackberry status saying: – ‘I rather take a pic with a bottle of coke…than that shit!’ Lol.

So you tell me, is that Paul just being real or is there even a little bit of drama behind that???



  1. Paul is saying the reality. This is just a waste of money in a country where an average citizen is earning less than $2 dollars a day. I rather take a pix with lacasera bottle too than this over rated rubbish. May God help the poor.

  2. Abegy Paul is very correct jor. Dats his own opinion concerning dis wine of life dis so called Alex Amosu is using 2 cos trouble. I rather take a pix wd an empty bottle of coke dan dat shhhhit.. And mind u, its nt beef, its jst an opinion so don’t misquote Paul.

  3. f**k y’all. this is sooo unreal,. anybody could av come up with this shit. if ure very familiar with BBM you’ll understand me. why was the name edited? sometimes i question the credibility and integrity of this site. stop your fake news abeg

  4. sometimes d media is responsibl 4 sparking off a huge fire where there was no smoke at all in d first place. Be warned! Media, pls do ur job right


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