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Fuji singer Obesere: “Cossy Orjiakor is a good girl”




Fuji singer, Obesere, has been linked to controversial busty actress Cossy Orjiakor over the years. This is understandable, seeing as her appearances in his music videos, most notably “Apple Juice”, were what earned her lasting notoriety.

Obesere, full name – Abass Akande Obesere, is the president of Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria (FUMAN). In a recent interview with Daily Times, he talks about his relationship with her and how both of them met.


Read excerpts below: –

“We are still friends. It’s been long I saw her but I hear she is doing fine,” he said

Now that she is a singer, would he do a collabo with her?

“That is if she still wants it. I remember then that when she came to Bayowa as a green horn in those days, she came to Bayowa and told him that she wanted to be a star. And Bayowa told her that, ‘you want to be a star? Don’t worry; I am doing one of Abbas’ new jobs. When we want to start shooting the video, we will invite you. You have what people need to notice and recognize you as a star’. Today, the rest is history.”

The impression in town is that Cossy is lose and immoral. But Obesere was close to her those days and knew her personally. How would he describe her?

“All I would say is that Cossy is a good girl. All those things she does on stage are strictly showbiz. Off the stage she is a different person. Only those close to her know this. She could be very shy and reserved. But when she is on stage she is a tigress and that’s what makes her a professional.”


Hmmm………I pray ooh!!!


‘The Best Investment Is Lifting The Poor Out Of Poverty’ – Daddy Freeze



The silence from churches and general overseers regarding #EndSARS is so loud – Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze

Nigerian broadcast journalist, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has offered his bits of wisdom on what the best kind of investment is.

The popular radio host and convener of the ‘Free The Sheeple’ movement is of the view that the best kind of investment is assisting the underprivileged within the society.

In his words:

“The best investment in life is not buying property or starting a business. Don’t let motivational speaker fvck with your mind… The best investment is lifting the poor out of poverty..

Your houses and businesses could be destroyed in seconds if you don’t invest in uplifting the youths around you from poverty!

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Secure your future, don’t invest in businesses or property or your children alone, invest on the youths around you! ~ FRZ”

See his post below:

The OAP’s post

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‘Small Businesses Need Support’ – Mr Macaroni



mr macaroni
Mr Macaroni

Nigerian Comedian, Mr Macaroni

Nigerian comedian, Debo Adedayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has urged the youths to help small businesses who need support regarding cleaning up after the recent violence witnessed in Lagos state.

The social media skit maker took to his Twitter page to share his views thus:

“Let’s focus on small businesses around us. If a lot of cleaning has been done or is being done already, then those businesses would need support. The government already said they will do that but there are also people and organizations willing to support.”

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Mr Macaroni also advised his fellow youths to be careful of trigger-happy men in uniform.

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‘End SARS Protest Is Beyond Police Brutality. It Is Battle Between The Rich And Poor’ – Filmmaker Chika Lann



'End SARS Protest Is Beyond Police Brutality. It Is Battle Between The Rich And Poor' - Filmmaker Chika Lann
Chika Lann

Chika Lann

Nigerian filmmaker, Chika Lann, has tagged the ongoing violence resulting from the End SARS protests as a ‘rich vs poor’ fight. According to the television personality, it’s a sort of uprising against the rich.

Taking to her Instagram page, the actress and former model advises her fellow celebrities to go out there and help as many people as they can before things get out of hand.

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In her words:

“This #ENDSARS protest is obviously beyond Police Brutality. It’s a sort of uprising against the rich! The poor are coming for the rich. This is obviously RICH vs POOR. How else would you explain the wanton vandalism? I advise my fellow celebrity to go out there and help as much people as they can before it’s too late. #onelove”

See her post below:

The filmmaker’s post


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