ASUU Begins Nationwide Indefinite Strike Over FG’s Refusal To Pay Salaries

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has commenced indefinite strike nationwide today, national president of ASUU, Dr Nasir Isa Fagge has said.
He made this declaration, Monday, at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) after their NEC meeting held at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State.
Speaking to news men, he said: “We are embarking on indefinite strike nation wide because the Federal Government reneged in the Memorandum of Understanding MoU signed with ASUU in 2009 to pay lecturers their earn allowance.”
According to Fagge, the Federal Government, in 2009 made a law to pay each lecturers N12,500 per month as earn allowance which it never did since 2009.
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Source: Vanguard


  1. Asuu pls help us and make it short.
    Nigerian government is doing well at all, with this huge amount of money from the crude oil and government can’t pay this little allowance. Allah ya isa!

    • I think ASUU is very stupid, hw long wil FG fool them? If they want to settle dis issue, let it be once and for all even if it wil take them 1yr nt when they embark on strike government wil wash them and bounches of Profs and Drs will be fooled. It is not funy therefore let ASUU be wise dis time around. Let me stil ask, what is d universities doing wit students fee? ASUU should also use their head and mind hw they demand and go on strike. Enough of all dis nonsense.

  2. If they can’t pay 12500 as promised are you surprise? Our govt have made thousands of promise but they fulfil one paying their own salary.
    Hen hen where is abacha’s loots recovery?
    God dey ooo

  3. It’s another struggle for admission but those who trust in the lord shall have a place.for enquiries/help @delta state university call;08065746173

  4. this is ridiculous…its goin to affect many most especially the students..i just hope this make things beter…because we’v been deprived from writing our exams at the right time and this have made changes as well….God help Nigeria oo..

  5. why is educational profession disregarded in nigeria? How do we expect to advance without education? Education is the engine of any nation. I think the strike is worthwhile.

  6. This ASUU in my opinion is not trying. Strike does not affect de federal government but the students. ASUU always consider their staff. They are concerned wit more money in thier pockets but what about the students the teach. I believe being a university staff is a call to serve not to make money. If the desire fat bank accounts the should dive into politics and earn about 400 million naira annually like our senators. They expect they federal government to meet thier demands, have the met the demands of the students in terms of delivering what is expected from them? I wish the students could also go on strike. While contemplating over this issue, I think whenever the president and other political office holders cogitate over what they passed through during thier university days, they feel like punishing they university staff for suffering they unleashed on them back then. My point is, if for instance, I become the president, I dont think I’ll treat ASSU well because Im passing through hell in the hands of lecturers. Pls, dont get me wrong, but if ASUU do not produce incomplete graduates who now occupy political offices, all these would never happen. For the love of God call off the strike for its fighting the symptom and ignoring the source. Once the federal government observes your efforts, they will reward you. God bless ASSU and God bless Nigeria.

  7. why is educational profession disregarded in our country? how do we expect to advance without education? education is the right way to solve nigerian problems. remember no problem could be solve without literacy. but why nigerian government does not show their care concerning our education.

  8. Hahaha na 2day! The govt won’t bulge their kids dey involvd? Polys are on strike now is asuu dat shows hw our govt value d yuts.dey can’t pay 12500 bt senators colects 600k 4 wardrope alwance +trans +hardship etc smone who can aford a car of 6omlion naira wat do he ned trans alwance 4? Do they knw wat hardship is all abt? Let them ask d unemplyd youts dey hav refusd 2 pay hardship alwance of only #19k and they pay demselfs hardshp alwnc.after all these strik dey wl advtiz vacancy ;let older dan 24yrs wt 2yrs wkin exprience so dat only dia kids who study abroad nd also work at d same time wil be qaulifid.I tink is time lecturers wil rub mind wt al these cult guxz terorizing hhgher instittions irespectiv all their groups their militry squad wil be useful in stagin a warning revolution instead of a strike dats only wat shake dem b/c they ar afraid 2 die

  9. “It is difficult to highlight honest & integrity in an epoch when d cowards are kings, it is difficult to promote courage when d charlatants bestride d land in their borrowed robes. It is difficult to see d value of borrowed pride in a period when lying has become d pastime of some pple in power. It is very hard to understand why honesty can be d best policy.” In an era when many pple believe dat justice can be bought & sold…!


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