[Advice Needed] She Broke Up With Me Because I Complained Of Her Excessive Facial Makeup. What Should I Do?

I am going crazy as I write this. We were meant to have a date. She came over to the eatery, I was already waiting for her. Then, I ordered the meals and we started gisting. Then, I observed something about her facial make up. I told her that I don’t appreciate her excessive make up! And damn! She stood up, told me its over and walked out on me. I have been apologising ever since, but she said its over between us. What should I do?


Dear MM,
Its wrong to condemn a lady’s appearance on a date…. You don’t know how much time, energy and money she spent just to look gorgeous for you…. You should have just observed her and tell her on a later day and in a friendly manner.
Anyway, I think she is still very much angry, you could allow some days to pass, for her to cool down. Then, you should go to her place and express your apology. I believe she would forgive you and continue to be your girl.
And if she really meant that its over, then there might be more to it…. You just have to let go then. And of course, you have learnt to be a better person for the next girl.


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