[Advice Needed] My Husband’s Ex Comes Into My Matrimonial Home And Demands Money From Him! Please Help!

marrageDear Tee,
My husband gives his ex girlfriend money, all in the name of helping her. The funniest thing is that the girl even come around, and pretend to be happy that my husband is married to me. I don’t know how to stop her from coming to my house and my husband.


Dear Adetutu,
I quite understand what it looks like having your husband’s ex in your house…that feeling of insecurity would always come up.
Anyway, I think you should let your husband understand that you don’t feel comfortable with her. You should also let him see reasons why he should stop seeing her as well. You only need to present the matter in a respectful way…. You would not need to shout or insult him when telling him…. Because most times women lack the know-how in telling their husbands what they want, without making them angry.
Wish you well,

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