[Advice Needed] I Want To Get Married Now, But My Parents Want Me To Wait, Help Please

Dear Tee,
I am 20 years old. I am a male and I have finished school. I am working and I have everything I wished for. I am very comfortable, I have my house and a car I drive. Now, the issue is I have a girlfriend whom I am willing to marry this year… She is 21 years old…. My parents think I am too young to marry and that I should wait till I am 25! I don’t think I can, except they want me to start sleeping around. My girlfriend won’t have sex till we are married! Please help!

Dear FY,
I am happy that you are very comfortable at that young age…. You are lucky! Anyway, your parents only want you to be matured before you go into marriage because that it is not just something you want to rush in, because of sex or other reasons. They want you to be fully prepared for marriage before you go into it. I think you should listen to them, you might not even to wait for additional 5 years before your parents tell you to get married, as they would see those traits which suggest maturity in you. Also, you don’t need to sleep around, self control and determination is the key. I know it might be difficult, but it is possible to practice abstinence before marriage.
Hope this helps,

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